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CEA Excursion to Venice, Italy: Photo Essay

June 13, 2013

This is a classic photo of the canals of Venice. Yes, Venice does truly look like it does in the pictures. This city is entirely on water and is all-inclusive with the gondolas, buildings, flags, and more.

It’s not common that shop owners let you try on or take pictures with their masks, but this was an exception. These masks are truly works of art and are very unique and delicate in their own ways. Some portray the faces of animals and others are just small eye masks, but always add some glitter and feathers to make the mask complete.

The most popular square in Venice is Piazza San Marco. This is a unique was to see the Piazza, but it is part of the Venetian experience. Since Venice is on water, sometimes Piazza San Marco floods and looks like this. There are then boards put up for pedestrians to walk on because the water is too deep to walk through.


As can be seen here the canals of Venice are very small. It is a mystery how gondoliers are able to navigate the gondolas through these very narrow canals and around corners.


A beautiful and serene view of a canal is captured in this picture with the sun setting over the buildings and the parked gondolas after a full day.

Venetian masks are famous throughout the world. They are handmade and sold in all colors, shapes, and sizes during the year. During “Carnivale” in February the people of Venice dress up in their masks and costumes and go about the streets of Venice for this celebration.

The Grand Canal is extremely well known and thought of when Venice comes to one’s mind. A sunset over this canal is a beautiful sight. The bridge that connects the two sides of the city is the best place to enjoy this magnificent sunset on a night in Venice.

Venice is a city entirely on water. Along with water taxis, water school buses, and every family owning a boat there are markets a float as well. This is a first sight for many of us students that’s for sure, but it is normal for the people of Venice.

Venice not only houses many gondolas, it also has many different types of boats. There are cargo boats as well as workmen’s boats, both shown in this photo. All business and trade is done via water transportation in this city.


After a day touring Venice study abroad students love to take a ride in a relaxing gondola. During the day as well as at dusk it is beautiful to ride in a gondola and enjoy a view of the city from water.




Dana Bartone is the Spring 2013 CEA MOJO in Rome, Italy

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