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A Walking Tour Around Antibes, France

Coming into the fall semester, I did not really understand where I was to be living for the next four months. I had heard about the Riviera before, but I did not expect to love where I live as much as I do. Though, we CEA students go to school in Sophia Antipolis which is known as the “Silicone Valley” of Western Europe, we live in Antibes. Antibes is the perfect location. We are situated right in between the beautifully Italian-inspired Nice, and the gloriously ritzy Cannes (home of the famous film festival). Each is easy to get to by means of the bus system or the Gare d’Anitbes (train station). There’s even a lovely park next to the train station.

The beautiful city of Nice. Not only is there an abundance of history,
 but also the shopping is fantastic.

The steps of the epicenter of the Cannes film festival

Our lovely train station

Antibes is the perfect mix of being peaceful and lively. Though it has the largest yacht port in all of Europe, the atmosphere is relaxing and enjoyable. The people are also very friendly; you truly get to know the owners of the shop and the people around the city.

The port of Antibes.. look at all those yachts!

There’s Place du Gaulle, which is the center of town. It’s a beautiful square with an enormous fountain and shops around the circumference. Here, you can find the most delicious bakeries, grocery stores, and even clothing boutiques. It also lights up beautifully at night. This is where us CEA students meet up before events and where we catch the bus to school.

Place du Gaulle

If you walk forward from Place to Gaulle, about a five-minute walk, you end up on the beautiful beaches of Antibes. Not only are the beaches adorned with palm trees, but they also have crystal-blue water. You can sunbathe on these beaches up until the end of October. Often after class, many of us would go to have a swim and a picnic.

The glorious beaches of Antibes 

If you walk a little further along the coastline, you will not only pass more beautiful beaches, but you can walk up to the Cap d’Antibes and the lighthouse. If you take the shortcut up to the lighthouse, you will enjoy the most beautiful walk and view of the city. On the way down, take the road that will bring you past all the mansions in Antibes.

The path to the lighthouse; it's a lovely walk.

Take the beach path back to the seafront to enjoy the seawall. Here, you can see the entire glittering city of Nice. If you continue walking, you will reach the Picasso museum which is the perfect place to get your fix of cubism.

Picasso museum 

Walk down the stairs and you’ll see the famous Anitbes Cathedral which  is a Roman Catholic Church. Continuing on, is the town's favorite market: the Marché Provincial. Next, you can chose any of the streets to explore. Though they are winding and small, each one has fascinating cuisine and shops.
Youll never know what you’ll find on the streets of Antibes!

The Cathedral of Antibes

The front of Marché Provincial

The Antibes Carousal

Danielle Zolotnitsky is the Fall 2012 CEA MOJO in the French Riviera

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