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10 Ways to Convince Your Parents To Let You Study Abroad

December 23, 2009
10. Request a CEA catalog and leave it lying around the house, where Mom or Dad is sure to discover it.
9. Cook them an Italian meal for dinner (don’t forget to set the iPod to play some freshly downloaded beautiful Italian dinner music). This time next year they could be experiencing the real thing while visiting you!
8. Tell your parents you will earn college credit and, thus, still graduate on time.
7. DVR Anthony Bourdain or Samantha Brown on the Travel Channel, then switch over to their shows every time a family member walks into the room.
6. Introduce them to CEA's Student Financial Advisor (1-800-266-4441, Ext. 2804), who can help the family find funding for your trip.
5. Pickup one of those coffee table books - the kind with big, glossy photos - about France, Spain, China, South America, South Africa, the U.K., Ireland or Australia (whew!), and leave it in the Family Room.
4. Prepare for their questions! Take books out of the local library or Google the destination and read up on the traditions and customs you will be exposed to. Review the CEA website and get in touch with your Admissions Counselor - we speak to parents all the time and are here during break to help!
3. Get in touch with a CEA Alum - they can help you reinforce the benefits of studying abroad and the value of CEA programs.
2. Show them another "My Kid and My Money Go to (fill in the blank with school name)" sweatshirt. Then have them imagine where their holiday presents could come from next year!
1. Set your parents' cell ringtones to play "Fly Away," by Lenny Kravitz.

Need more help? Our Admissions Counselors are available until 7 p.m. today and 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday-Thursday before New Year’s. We resume normal business hours Monday, Jan. 4. To speak with someone, call 1-800-266-4441. Are you a CEA Alum? Upload a quick video on how you convinced your family of the value of study abroad and post a comment with the link, and we'll get it posted.
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