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Study Abroad Excursion to Karlovy Vary in the Czech Republic

July 03, 2024
by Itati Serrano
A group of study abroad students standing by a large sign and smiling at the camera

Spend a Day with Me in Karoly Vary, Czech Republic, During a Semester in Prague   

During my study abroad semester with CEA CAPA in Prague, I had the wonderful opportunity to explore the picturesque town of Karlovy Vary in the Czech Republic.  

A study abroad student smiling at the camera in front of a river running through a city

I am a sophomore at Marist College studying Political Science. Join me on this adventure to Karlovy Vary! 

This charming town is celebrated for its hot springs, offering visitors a unique chance to immerse themselves in both its cultural heritage and natural wonders. 

A person talking to a group of study abroad students in front of a fountain

Our incredibly wise tour guide, Barbara, led us through the streets of Karlovy Vary. In the background, you can see Spring #6, from which we drank. Barbara mentioned it’s known for aiding digestion. 

A group of study abroad students staring at an image on a large screen

We visited Moser, a Czech company focused on the production of lead-free handcrafted luxury crystal. They have created beautiful glass pieces for royalty and trophies for film festivals. 

Through this photoset, I aimed to capture the essence of my experience in Karlovy Vary and share it with others. 

A piece of glass in the process of being blown in an indoor work space

We witnessed the process of creating a hand-blown vase, which was truly mind-blowing! This particular vase was a stunning combination of purple and red.  

Accompanied by CEA CAPA staff, our journey to Karlovy Vary was not just a sightseeing tour but a cultural immersion. As we walked through its cobblestone streets and admired its historic architecture, I felt a deep connection to the town's history and culture.  

A group of beautiful, colorful buildings in different shades along a city street

Upon arriving at the town’s center, we indulged in an all-you-can-eat lunch before embarking on a city tour. The architecture in this city was unbelievably beautiful, and I was drawn to the colors of the houses. 

This was a wonderful day trip organized by CEA CAPA. Although it was optional, so many students took advantage of the opportunity and joined the trip! 

A river running through a city with large buildings and trees on either side

This picturesque scene is located in the heart of the city center—a breathtaking river with houses dotting the mountainside. The view truly resembles something out of a fairytale. 

The highlight of our excursion was undoubtedly the chance to experience the healing properties of Karlovy Vary’s famous hot springs. I drank from my hand the hot mineral-rich water, I tasted the minerals and salt and saw why it draws people from all corners of the globe looking for medicinal avenues. 

A group of study abroad students smiling at the camera in front of an indoor hot spring

Our journey led us to the final hot spring, a magnificent fountain. Its jets soared higher than the ceiling! It seemed fitting to snap another group picture; after all, pictures are free memories! 

An intricately detailed building on a city street

The architecture of Karlovy Vary stunning. Underneath this canopy, we discovered another hot spring. It was easy for us to locate springs due to the beautiful canopies or tall buildings that surrounded them. 

Beyond its therapeutic waters, Karlovy Vary is a hub of culture and commerce. From its markets filled with local delicacies to its pools visited by celebrities, every corner of the town offered a glimpse into its identity. 

A group of study abroad students standing by a large sign and smiling at the camera

We couldn't help but express our love for Vary with a group picture to commemorate the uniqueness of this city! The colorful and ancient architecture behind us added to the magical atmosphere of the place. 

A group of study abroad students standing in front of a large beautiful building

Our affection for Karlovy Vary was undeniable! Pictured behind us is a luxurious hotel that has hosted individuals like Bach and Beethoven. There's even a gold tub inside! We extend our heartfelt gratitude to CEA CAPA for facilitating this incredible experience in such a magical city.



Itati Serrano is the Content Creator - Photographer in Prague, Czech Republic, and is currently studying at Marist College.
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