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Enjoying Nature While Studying Abroad - My Experience Outdoors

March 21, 2024
by Stefanie Fernandes

My Experience Outdoors while Studying Abroad

I love nature and always have. Coming from a school in California, I have many spots that I often go to, but I was excited to see what nature is like in other countries!  

As I made my way across the world to study abroad in Barcelona, I knew that I wanted to see as many beautiful natural spots as possible of each country that I traveled to. Throughout my time traveling, I captured places that look almost unreal. 

In Tossa de Mar, located in Costa Brava just north of Barcelona, I went on a sunrise hike. On my walk, I came across a beautiful view of the big mountains, the ocean, and the sunrise. In the distance, there were even people swimming in the little cove.

A body of water next to a hill

Sunrise views in Tossa del Mar.

Then, in Mallorca, I went up into the mountains to see the greenery of such a magical island. I was surprised to see how big and vast the mountains were, which I really appreciated. There were also many great swimming spots with blue, clear water. 

A body of water with buildings and trees

Along the coast of Mallorca.

On the coast of Mallorca, we could see many people enjoying swimming in the clear blue water with the mountains surrounding them. It was surely a spot to remember.

Cars parked cars on a road near a mountain

A rest stop at the top of the bus tour.

In Mallorca, my friends and I took a bus tour up through the vast mountains on the island. At the top, we took a rest stop. We looked up at the outstanding scenery and appreciate the moment.

A rocky landscape with blue sky and clouds

The view out of our bus window.

On our journey up the mountains of Mallorca, the greenery, the sky, and the clouds, all made this trip special. Taking one look out of our bus window, we were left in awe.

While studying abroad in Barcelona, I could be close to the beach. I often ventured out to Barceloneta beach to watch the sunset. At this beach, there's also a view of the city.   

A beach with a city in the background

Sunset views at Barceloneta Beach.

Watching the sunset at the Barceloneta beach was one of my favorite ways to end the day. Moments like this reminded me how lucky I was to study abroad in a place with such great natural aspects.


On my journey to Germany I was blessed to see the sunset on the Swiss Alps. This was a sight to remember!

A window of an airplane

While I was on a flight to Germany, I looked out my window to see the sunset over the Swiss Alps. What a view!

In Munich, there were many little parks along the riverside that I got to enjoy. I came across a fountain, many trees, and park benches to sit in.  

A path with trees and a fence by water

In Munich, Germany, I walked through the riverside. I fell in love with the colors of the fall leaves.

A fountain with a statue in the middle of a park

Munich park with a fountain, surrounded by beautiful tall trees.

In this park in Munich there was a fountain surrounded by beautiful tall trees. I took a moment to sit on a bench there and journaled about my travels during study abroad.

In Dublin, Ireland, I spent a lot of time in Saint Stephen’s Green which is a popular park in the city. I saw many different birds, including swans, that I captured in photos.

A white swan lying on grass by a tree

In Saint Stephen’s Green, in Dublin, I went out for a walk. I saw this big swan sitting on the grass and had to capture it with my camera!

Here there were also many big trees which were beautiful to see especially during this fall season.  

A group of people walking on a path with a tree

The natural beauty in Saint Stephen’s Green was out of this world! Everyone was enjoying a walk through this park.

The natural beauty I experienced during studying abroad is unlike anything else. I’m so happy and grateful I got to explore such beautiful places while capturing them with my camera! 


Stefanie Fernandes is the Alumni Ambassador in Barcelona, Spain, and is currently studying at California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo.
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