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Making Friends While Studying Abroad in Sydney, Australia

February 07, 2024
by Luke Hefner
A group of study abroad students posing for picture

From Strangers to Mates: My Aussie Study Abroad Friendship Odyssey 

G'day, mates! Studying abroad in Sydney, Australia, wasn’t only about academics abroad but also embarking on a thrilling journey of friendship. From group adventures to unforgettable overnight trips, my international sojourn was a fantastic opportunity to make friends from around the world. In this blog post, we'll dive into the heartwarming world of forging friendships in Australia, one unforgettable memory at a time. 

Roar and Snore at Taronga Zoo: Overnight Bonding  

Our friendship journey kicks off with a wild twist through one of our CEA CAPA excursions—a group overnight trip to the Taronga Zoo's "Roar and Snore" adventure. With the city skyline as our backdrop, we camped amidst the animal enclosures, sharing laughter and stories under the stars. The experience of witnessing nocturnal zoo activities and waking up to zoo views was nothing short of magical. 

A group of study abroad students posing for a photo

Friends and wild companions—overnight adventure at Taronga Zoo. 

Group Trip to the Blue Mountains: Nature's Connection  

Nature played a pivotal role in our friendship journey during a group trip to the Blue Mountains with CEA CAPA. We trekked through lush rainforests, marveled at the Three Sisters rock formation, and shared awe-inspiring moments under the endless blue skies. The bond we forged amidst nature's wonders was an unforgettable chapter in our Aussie experience. CEA CAPA had a guide for us that took us through the mountains, waterfalls, and a wildlife park. We got to play with kangaroos, koalas, dingos, wombats, and so much more. CEA CAPA facilitated the completion my childhood dreams of exploring Australian wildlife hands on! 

A group of study abroad students posing for a photo in mountains

Friends in the wilderness—group expedition to the Blue Mountains. 

Hanging Out in Our Flats: Everyday Connections  

While epic adventures are incredible, the everyday moments matter just as much. Hanging out in our flats, cooking international meals, or simply sharing stories after a day of classes, these mundane yet heartwarming moments solidified our friendships.  

I lived in a student living building called Scape right near the main harbor of Sydney. I live in a flat with four rooms, a living room, and a full kitchen. In each room there are two people so I have my own personal roommate who is awesome, and six others including students from Wisconsin, California, India, China, Massachusetts, and  Washington. It’s amazing to get to meet and see how people from all over the world live and get along in one space. 

A group of study abroad students sitting and posing for a photo

Everyday connections in the comfort of our flats. 

Group Adventures: Exploring the Unfamiliar  

Our journey wasn’t just about destinations but the adventure of getting there. Whether it was conquering fears together on a thrilling boat ride or navigating Sydney's intricate public transport, our shared adventures have created lasting memories. 

A group of study abroad students posing for a photo with city and water in background

Conquering the unfamiliar—group adventures with friends. 

Studying abroad in Sydney enriched my academic life but also my heart with the warmth of friendships made. From the wild nights at the Taronga Zoo to bonding over exploring the city, my Aussie mates have become an integral part of my study abroad story. The landscapes we explored, the meals we shared, and the laughter we echoed—each moment has etched a deep connection. As I continue to explore Australia, I eagerly await the countless more adventures and friendships that await on this incredible journey. Cheers to friendship down under! 

Luke Hefner is the Content Creator - Blogger in Sydney, Australia, and is currently studying at University of Oklahoma.
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