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Study Abroad Excursions in Ireland - Adventures in Learning

February 05, 2024
by Lily Campbell

Irish Adventures: Study Abroad Excursions with CEA CAPA 

Studying abroad in Dublin, Ireland, was an unparalleled adventure that left an indelible mark on my personal and academic journey. The vibrant city, steeped in rich history and brimming with palpable energy, provided the perfect backdrop for an enriching experience.  

From Classrooms to Cliffs: Study Abroad Excursions in Ireland 

A group of people posing for a photo

Embarking on our journey, we kicked off with the breathtakingly iconic Cliffs of Moher.

Participating in the Child Psychology and Popular Culture of Ireland CEA CAPA study abroad program was nothing short of exceptional. It offered a unique blend of theoretical knowledge and practical application that deepened my understanding of Ireland and my field of study. One of the highlights of my study abroad semester was the meticulously planned CEA CAPA study abroad excursions.

A group of study abroad students leaning against a fence

The beauty of that day extended beyond the cliffs. The rolling green fields along the cliffs provided a peaceful ambiance.

My favorite excursion was the one to Galway, which was an exhilarating escapade filled with breathtaking landscapes and memorable encounters. Amidst the scenic beauty and cultural immersion, I discovered facets of myself that I didn't fully realize before—emerging more confident, adaptable, and globally aware.

Exploring the nightlife of Galway, Ireland, was a lively and unforgettable experience. The city's bustling pubs and vibrant street performances created an electric atmosphere that seamlessly blended traditional Irish charm with modern energy. The trip unfolded as a celebration of Irish culture and camaraderie, leaving lasting memories of laughter and shared moments.

A group of study abroad students sitting on a rocky beach with bikes

Day two in Galway led us to the Aran Islands, where we hopped on a ferry and explored the largest island, Inis Mór, cycling through its scenic landscapes.

Biking around the Aran Islands, off the west coast of Ireland, was a breathtaking adventure where I soaked in the raw beauty of the landscape.

A study abroad student taking a selfie with a horse

While cycling around Inis Mór, we made a new friend.

The brisk sea breeze accompanied with the simplicity of the islands allowed me to take in panoramic views of dramatic cliffs, ancient ruins, and the expansive Atlantic Ocean.

A beach with clear water and blue sky

Embracing the scenic beauty of Killeany Bay on Inis Mór, my friends and I braved the chilly plunge into its inviting waters for a refreshing swim.

A standout moment during my CEA CAPA adventure was undoubtedly our day excursion to Glendalough, a monastic settlement nestled amidst the emerald landscapes. Our journey through this ancient monastic settlement was a step back in time and stands as a testament to the country's rich history and natural splendor.

We hiked to the serene upper lake and surrounding mountains, enveloped in the tranquil surroundings and breathtaking views. The thoughtfully planned excursions by CEA CAPA added an extra layer of adventure to my journey, providing an opportunity to unravel the rich tapestry of Ireland's cultural heritage. It also served as a conduit for forging unforgettable memories with friends.

A person sitting on a rock overlooking the ocean

Following our bike excursion, we embarked on a hike to the ancient fort of Dún Aengus.

Every excursion highlighted the landscapes and historical sites that spoke volumes about Ireland's past and present. It was more than sightseeing; it was an immersive experience that allowed me to deepen my understanding of the country while fostering lasting connections with fellow students.

Two study abroad students standing in a stadium

Back in Dublin, a multitude of CEA CAPA students, including myself, headed to Croke Park to witness the exhilarating spectacle of traditional Gaelic games such as hurling and football.

As we traversed through the breathtaking landscapes, from the Cliffs of Moher to the monastic serenity of Glendalough, the bonds created during these adventures became as integral to the journey as the destinations themselves.

A group of study abroad students posing for a photoMy amazing group of friends in front of The Cliffs of Moher.

Beneath perfect weather, we explored the breathtaking landscapes through invigorating hikes.

A cemetery with a hill in the background

The final CEA CAPA-organized adventure took us on a day trip to the enchanting monastic settlement of Glendalough. 

The CEA CAPA study abroad excursions not only broadened my knowledge of Ireland but also enriched my study abroad experience. 

a group of study abroad students posing for a photo in front of water and mountains

Our expedition through Glendalough led us to the stunning upper lake, where we savored packed lunches against a picturesque backdrop before embarking on our ascent up the mountain.

Lily Campbell is the Summer 2023 Alumni Ambassador in Dublin, Ireland, and is currently studying at Michigan State University.
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