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Introducing Our CEA CAPA Study Abroad Vloggers for Fall 2023

September 27, 2023
by CEA CAPA Content Creator

Introducing Our Official CEA CAPA Study Abroad Vloggers for Fall 2023

We’re so excited to introduce and welcome our incredible team of CEA CAPA Vlogger Content Creators for Fall ‘23! See our introductions to bloggers and photographers too!

So, who are they and where are they studying or interning abroad?

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a person smiling with headphones on

Elsa (she/her) is a double major in Psychology and Women & Gender Studies at Barnard College in NYC. She loves cities, although she was raised a nature lover in Virginia. She’s studying in Aix-en-Provence this fall and is a videographer for CEA CAPA. With a serious travel bug, Elsa is beyond happy to be spending a semester abroad: speaking the language, photographing the fashion, and making memorable connections with locals. Elsa is a trauma-informed yoga instructor and hopes to continue practicing while abroad. Many of her videos for CEA CAPA will involve mental health and wellbeing mindfulness—stay tuned! 


a person smiling in front of stairs

Sophia (she/her) is double majoring in Three Languages and Linguistics at the University of Delaware and is studying abroad in Aix-en-Provence and vlogging for the CEA CAPA this fall. She's excited about learning about daily life in France and meeting new people. Outside of studying, Sophia is looking forward to going on excursions with her study abroad program, trying new things, and making new friends. Check out her posts on CEA CAPA's social media platforms and on her personal platforms and follow her journey through Europe! 




a person smiling in front of a tree

Naomi (she/her) is a Business Administration and Management major attending The American Women's College through Bay Path University. The first in her family to complete a degree, she'll finish school this winter and complete her associate degree, take a year off, and return for her bachelor's degree. She’s studying abroad this fall in Alicante, Spain. Check out her time abroad by following along with her videos and pictures, and experience Alicante through her eyes as a first-generation college student




a person standing in front of a sign

Sophia (she/her) is a Business Administration and Hospitality Management double major at Bay Path University, who’s studying in Amsterdam this fall. She’s excited to explore new opportunities and cultures and create connections, and immerse somewhere entirely new. Sophie hopes, when she isn't studying or in class, to travel around local spots and other countries, and learn more as she goes. 




a person smiling in front of grass

Logan is a marketing major at the University of Minnesota and creating videography content for CEA CAPA this semester. He’s excited to meet people from around the world, discover new European cultures, and build relationships with other study abroad students. At home, Logan works as a server and bartender at a Latino restaurant in Southside Minneapolis, so trying new cuisines is at the top of his list. In his free time, Logan enjoys playing basketball, catching up on movies and TV shows (he just started The Sopranos), and spending time with his roommates and friends. Logan is looking forward to taking on this new adventure! 


a person smiling

Willow is a Communication Studies major at Western Washington University. She's studying abroad in Barcelona this fall. She feels excited about the opportunity to travel and meet new people and also looks forward to attending her classes that’ll teach her more about the culture of Barcelona. If you want to follow Willow’s journey, make sure to check out her posts! 




a person standing on a beach in front of waves

Ava (she/her) is a Narrative Arts major and Film and TV minor at Boise State University. She’s interning and studying abroad in Dublin this fall. She’s excited for the opportunity to immerse herself in the culture and community of Dublin, and travel to new places. Stay tuned as she experiences life in Ireland and journeys around Europe this semester! 



a person smiling near body of water

Mary Cate (she/her) is a Marketing major at Providence College and will be studying and interning abroad in Dublin, Ireland this fall. She chose Ireland for its beautiful views, and its diversity and welcoming culture. In addition to taking classes, interning, and exploring all Ireland offers, Mary Cate is a videographer for CEA CAPA. Follow along to see her videos throughout this semester! 



a person smiling

Mia is a Communications major with a concentration in Journalism with a Minor in Global Studies. She's excited to get started with her semester abroad in Dublin. She’s really looking forward to learning about the history and culture of this city while using some of free time to travel. 





a person smiling

Kenya is a Kinesiology major at Riverside City College, on track to complete his degree and become a Doctor of Physical Therapy. He's studying abroad in Florence, Italy this fall and is excited to explore the sites and historic buildings, enjoy the authentic Italian cuisine, and further learn the physical therapy field during his stay. Stay tuned to learn about his experience in this beautiful country! 



a person smiling wearing a green shirt

Lucero (she/her) is a Biopsychology major studying abroad in Florence this fall. She’s so excited to film and create content for CEA CAPA and herself. Documenting her exciting journey in this new adventure will challenge her to make new connections with people and step outside her comfort zone. Lucero is very determined to vlog her new experiences, when trying local foods and visiting local spots. In her spare time Lucero is extremely interested in the fashion world and hopes to attend events such as fashion week in Milan and visit the Museum of Fashion and Costume in Florence. Follow her posts to keep up with her ongoing adventures and fashion tips.



a person smiling

George (he/him) is a Business Administration and Construction management major at the University of California Polytechnic State University, studying abroad in French Rivera and vlogging for CEA CAPA this fall. He's excited about immersing himself in the rich culture of the South of France and learning about its history. Outside of studying and attending classes, George hopes to spend his time adventuring around local beaches, being active/going to the gym, trying different foods, and connecting with the local people. Check out his posts to learn more about his time in this fascinating city! 



a person smiling near trees

Sabrina (she/her) is an English and Spanish Literature major at Fordham University Lincoln Center. While studying abroad in Granada, Spain, Sabrina is working as an intern at a local newspaper and creating video content for CEA CAPA, documenting her experiences studying and interning abroad. She's excited to immerse herself in Granada's rich culture, connect with locals, and draw inspiration for her writing. 




a person posing for a picture

Mercedes (she/her) is a Creative Writing major with a minor in Communication Studies at Hollins University, who’s studying abroad in London this fall. She’s excited about the opportunity to immerse herself in London’s culture and discover new things and meet new people. Explore her content and join her journey in London! 



a person with glasses smiling

Sophie (she/her) is a third year Film major at Hollins University who is studying abroad in London this fall. She’s excited to explore London's history, immerse herself in the culture, garner valuable experience, and form new connections along the way. Sophie’s also excited to utilize her skills in film while documenting and sharing her journey abroad! 




a person posing for picture in a field wearing a hat

Marcela (she/her) is an International Relations major at Texas State University and is studying abroad in Madrid this fall. She’s very excited to start living like a Madrileñe and documenting all her experiences as a videographer for CEA CAPA while immersing herself in the city’s rich historic and social culture. Outside of studying and attending classes at the University of Carlos III, Marcela hopes to spend her time walking around the city, playing tennis, trying new food, and connecting with the locals. Watch for her posts to learn more about her time in this majestic city! 



a person posing for picture

Rin (she/her) is an Industrial Engineering major at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo who is studying in Paris this fall and is excited to share her experience abroad! She’s excited to explore the rich Parisian culture and immerse herself there. Outside of school, Rin hopes to travel around France, try new cuisine, and connect with new people. Check out her videos to learn more about her time in Paris! 


San José, Costa Rica  


a person smiling with hand on face

Alyssa (she/her) studies at Thomas Jefferson University's 3+2 Health Sciences B.S./Physician Assistant M.S. program, and  is studying abroad in Costa Rica this fall. She’s excited about meeting new students and locals abroad, while experiencing Costa Rican culture and lifestyle. Alyssa loves traveling and this will be the seventh country she visits this year! View her posts and videos to learn about her time experiencing the pura vida lifestyle in Costa Rica. 


Seville, Spain 


a person standing near waterfall

Lia is a Marketing major at Miami University of Ohio, who is studying and interning in Seville, Spain this fall. She’s most excited for the friends she’ll make through the program, the fresh food she’ll try, and attending a European soccer game. Outside her internship and coursework, Lia will vlog her entire travel abroad experience on her social media accounts. Check out her posts for short vlogs, reality checks, and travel guides! 



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