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From French Class to Fiancés in France - CEA CAPA Love Story

July 14, 2023
by CEA CAPA Content Creator
Elle showing off her ring after getting engaged!

CEA CAPA Love Story: From French Class to Fiancés in France 

Elle and Gage's love story began in 2018 when they met in a high school French class. From the moment they laid eyes on each other, they knew they had found something special. Their bond grew stronger every day, and as they navigated through high school and college, one dream remained constant in their hearts—studying abroad in France together. With Elle's junior year and Gage's senior year quickly approaching, they realized the time had come to turn their study abroad dream into a reality.  

Couple posing in front of Eiffel Tower

Both students at Texas A&M University, Elle majoring in finance and Gage pursuing math and computer science, embarked on a quest to find the perfect study abroad program. After extensive research, they discovered CEA CAPA Education Abroad, a program that offered an opportunity to study abroad in Antibes, a charming town located in the French Riviera. Excitement filled their hearts as they eagerly anticipated Spring ‘23—their chance to immerse themselves in the rich culture and vibrant ambiance of Antibes.  

Couple hugging in front of water at Baie des Milliardaires at sunset.

Elle and Gage quickly settled into their new surroundings after they arrived in Antibes. The quaint coastal town, with its cobblestone streets and pastel-colored buildings, seemed like a dream come true. They were not alone in their adventure, as they quickly formed close bonds with their fellow students in the study abroad program.

Couple hugging in front of Duomo di Milano

Together, they explored Antibes and made memories in Barcelona, Lisbon, Milan, and Geneva, creating unforgettable memories along the way.  

Woman in white jacket twirling with man in black baseball cap and blue jacket in front of Arco da Rua Agusta

Their time in Antibes was filled with countless adventures. Cooking together, paragliding, and impromptu trips became cherished traditions. As the days turned into weeks and the weeks into months, Elle found herself in a state of bliss, believing that life could not get any better. Little did she know... Gage had a surprise in store for their 5-year anniversary—a milestone they celebrated during their incredible semester abroad.  

Reminiscing on all their happy memories

As their final days in Antibes approached, Gage decided it was the perfect moment to create an everlasting memory. He led Elle on a romantic stroll to Billionaire's Bay, a place that held significant meaning for them.

Couple laughing post-proposal

They laughed and reminisced about the extraordinary moments they had shared in the past few months.

Couple kissing right before they get engaged!

On their way back to Antibes, they stumbled upon a picturesque spot adorned with candles, flowers, and champagne, thoughtfully arranged by Gage and their new CEA CAPA friends. In that magical setting, with the majestic Alps as a backdrop and the azure waters shimmering in the sunlight, Gage dropped to one knee. His heart brimming with love, he asked Elle the most important question of his life: "Will you marry me?" Overwhelmed with joy, Elle exclaimed a resounding "Yes!" Their engagement marked the beginning of a new chapter—a lifetime of love and adventures, forever intertwined with the memories they made in Antibes.  

Guy on one knee proposing to standing girl in front of water

As Elle and Gage bid farewell to Antibes, they carried with them the profound impact the town made on their lives. Antibes will always hold a special place in their hearts—a symbol of love, growth, and endless possibilities. They eagerly await the day they can return, reliving the cherished moments they shared and creating new ones together.  

Couple hugging post-proposal

In the end, their study abroad experience in the French Riviera was not only about exploring a new culture or advancing their academic pursuits; it was about creating that strong foundation for their lives together. With their engagement in Spring ‘23, Antibes became more than just a study abroad destination—it became the birthplace of a lifelong commitment, an eternal reminder of a love that blossomed amidst the charm and beauty of the South of France. 

Happy couple smiling after getting engaged!

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