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Best Travel Apps to Use in Spain

December 28, 2020
by Sydney Schwaller
When studying abroad, being able to travel around your country can be so easy, especially with the right apps! During my experience studying abroad in Seville, Spain, I really did not know where to start and what to use. Luckily, I got wonderful tips from my host mom from her past students and told me. The apps I used to travel to and from Seville were super easy to use and allowed me to see other beautiful cities in Spain.

train omio

1. Omio  

A great app to find amazing bus routes, train routes, and even flights is Omio! I used this app all the time and was able to find great bus routes just a night before my trip. In the app, you plug in your location and the location you want to travel to, the day you want to depart and return, and just like that, you have plenty of options for your trip. It gives the fare for your trip as well, and can easily be paid online! You are most likely given options for bus and train routes, but sometimes a quick flight is an option as well! Depending where you want to travel, a bus trip or train route could be faster -- just be sure to look at the trip length when making your decision. Once you book your trip, upon your arrival you just need to show your phone to the driver or ticket booth. I always traveled by bus when I did my trips, since I was going to places about 2 to 3 hours from Seville (and the bus routes had better times and trip lengths). I really enjoyed Omio and would highly recommend downloading this app right away!


2. Cabify

Cabify is a great app when you just want to get around your own city! This app is like our version of Uber. Spain does have Uber, but this app is more commonly used in Spain. Just like any other car service app, you simply plug in your location and the destination you would like to go. Once you have a driver coming your way, the app will let you know their location and how long until pick-up. I had wonderful experiences with my Cabify drivers, who were always incredibly friendly. I had many that only spoke Spanish, so it was a great way to practice your language skills on your drive! Another great feature with Cabify is that you can reserve a pick-up. All you have to do is make a reservation in advance telling your time and location, and you are set! 


3. RyanAir

This app is for booking flights around Europe. This airline has flights for a great price and a lot of study abroad students fly RyanAir during their time abroad. The app is super easy -- just pick your preferred airport and then where you want to go! The app gives you plenty of options, with both cheaper or more expensive flights, depending on what you prefer! I always found choosing flights from the Madrid airport rather than the Seville airport were less expensive, but if you want  convenience, choosing departures from your host city's airport might be easier for you. The app is great because you get to see the exact times of your flight and the fare, making your booking so easy!  
I used these three apps constantly during my time in Spain, and they came in handy a lot! Some other ones to briefly mention are BlaBlaCar, which is a rideshare app that can connect you to people traveling to your desired destination. This app is more lax and not as strict with departure times such as Omio, so it really is up to you and the driver heading to your destination. Google Maps is also incredibly helpful to have, even if you are just walking around your own city! I recommend all these apps for a stress-free way of traveling, and I hope they help during your journey abroad!
Sydney Schwaller is the Spring 2020 Alumni Ambassador in Seville, Spain, and is currently studying at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.
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