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5 Travel Podcasts to Make You Forget About COVID-19

June 18, 2020
by Asha Swann

There’s something about travel that is unmistakably addictive. My first solo trip abroad with CEA ended in January, and just as I got ready to plan my next trip: quarantine came out of nowhere. Suddenly, the world was turned upside-down and travel became an enchanted fantasy. Podcasts have been my go-to to help pass the time. As soon as you hit play, you’re transported anywhere in the world. It’s unbelievable to hear about the jaw-dropping adventures people have had. It’s impossible to say exactly when we can all resume the jet-setting we’re so desperate to have. Here five great podcasts that I listen to to help stay inspired while quarantine goes on. So sit back and make an espresso! You’ll be all globe-trotting in no time.

Zero to Travel

Zero to Travel is a great podcast for anyone looking to travel on a budget. This podcast was made for anyone who’s itching to explore the globe. The great thing about Zero to Travel is you get to hear firsthand interviews with average people who’ve picked up their life and moved to another part of the world. Almost all guests on the podcast started with no more than a few dollars in their pocket and a desire to see the world. Zero to Travel is an inspiring podcast for anyone looking to travel on a budget. It gives great travel tips, country-specific advice, and all sorts of help for aspiring solo travelers.


Women Who Travel

Women Who Travel is a podcast about, well, women who love traveling. As the name suggests, this is a super empowering female-focused travel show. It covers tons of incredible topics like women traveling alone safely, women traveling with their mothers, women just all-around learning how to love themselves abroad. Traveling as a woman can be really difficult, or in some cases, dangerous. But Women Who Travel keeps you inspired if you aren’t quite ready to take the plunge yet. Through the podcast, you’re instantly transported to the world of female journalists abroad for work, women traveling to find DNA of a long-lost family, women in wheelchairs navigating accessibility across the globe, and so many more inspiring stores. This is a perfect podcast for any woman even thinking about traveling.

This Week In Travel

This Week In Travel isn’t so much of an adventure podcast like the others. This one takes news stories from all around the world and compiles it into a funny, unique take on world events. If you’re tired of hearing the same broadcast over and over again, you’ll like This Week In Travel. It also discusses really important industry-related topics. This podcast will be the first to tell you which airline is going bankrupt, what hotels never want guests to know, how to get the best deal on an overnight train, and more. It’s news for all travelers about everything unique happening around the world.


The Rough Guide to Everywhere

When I first heard the name of the podcast, I knew I was going to be hooked. I’m always the type of person who only ever wants a rough estimate of something; I’d like to learn firsthand on my own, but by all means, give me a general idea. The Rough Guide to Everywhere is exactly that: it’s a loose idea of everything related to travel. It’s not just locations -- it’s travel writing, photography, architecture, poaching, and so much more. Each episode gives you enough information to get you absolutely hooked on a topic, even if it’s something you never thought of before. The Rough Guide to Everywhere offers a unique take for every type of traveler.


If you’re a business or marketing student looking to get into the travel industry as a career, Skift is the podcast for you. This podcast is tailored toward people looking to get into the travel industry. As a listener, you get to hear professionals and entrepreneurs talk exactly about how to create a name for yourself. As COVID-19 continues to affect tourism industries around the world, Skift asks hard-hitting questions about the economic future of the travel market. This podcast shows the very intense business aspect of traveling and how crucial this industry is for countless countries.

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Asha Swann is the Spring 2020 CEA MOJO Blogger in Paris, France, and is currently studying at Sheridan College.
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