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Meet the Fall 2019 CEA MOJO Team!

August 23, 2019
by CEA CAPA Content Creator
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We're excited to introduce our group of Fall 2019 Mobile Journalists (MOJOs)! As these CEA Bloggers, Photographers and Videographers embark on their journeys abroad this semester, be sure to follow their content on the CEA Blog, as well as on CEA's social media channels (Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter). 


Aix-en-Provence, France

Mojo_Bio_Fall19_Kate-Nuelle_thKate Nuelle, Videographer

Trinity University, Art & Art History

I am interested in Paul Cézanne, who lived and worked in Aix. His workshop is even preserved as a museum! Visual art continues to be a big part of the culture in Aix, so living there will allow me to understand French perspectives on art and be part of a community artists as I create work myself. Plus, the environment is great inspiration for landscape paintings! I love to take photographs and paint in oils. Museums are some of my favorite places on earth, and I am interested in becoming a exhibition designer. Also, I am always fascinated to learn how technology is changing modern life and listen to a lot of podcasts on the subject.


Alicante, Spain

Mojo_Bio_Fall19_Thania-Inoa-de-Jesus_thThania Inoa de Jesus, Photographer

Albright College, International Business & Communications

I chose to study and intern in Alicante because I loved the architecture and how antique the city looked. Also, it's near the beach! I am most excited for the food, traveling and learning. Fun fact: I like to draw, paint and make pottery!




Barcelona, Spain

Mojo_Bio_Fall19_Michael-Watkins_thMichael Watkins, Photographer

University of Memphis, Hospitality Management

I chose to study and intern abroad to learn new tourism aspects that are different from those in the United States. I chose Barcelona because it is full of diverse backgrounds and it is a top tourist-attracting city. I am most looking forward to the internship I will be working at a hotel in Barcelona, and as a hospitality student it excites me to experience new food & beverage restaurants and compare and contrast them. 



Florence, Italy

Mojo_Bio_Fall19_Eliza-JorgensonEliza Jorgenson, Photographer

University of Wisconsin-Stout, Art & Painting

I chose to study abroad in Florence, Italy because of their awesome printmaking program at the art school SRISA. I also have never been to Italy before and thought it would be stupid of me not to study art in one of the most art-historically important countries in the world. There is just so much to do, see, and... eat... in Italy, that I just couldn't pass it up! I chose to study abroad because it has always been a goal in my life. I thrive off of new cultures and experiences. If I decided not to study abroad, I think it would be something I would regret for the rest of my life. There is just something so important about seeking discomfort and living outside of your comfort zone.




French Riviera, France

Mojo_Bio_Fall19_John-Lamb_thJohn Lamb, Photographer

University of Arizona, Communication & Business

I’ve been to Nice once in my life, and now’s my chance to become a local. I want to better understand European cultures and daily habits so that I can model myself better culturally in America. French people experience life just like Americans, except everything they use and revolve on is entirely different. I’m sure I’ll be able to tell more once I can call myself a local. Fun facts: I'm a big entrepreneur guy. I enjoy new experiences and new habits. My favorite vacation will always be on a cruise ship




Mojo_Bio_Fall19_Madison-Rettew_thMadison Rettew, Photographer

Cal Poly - San Luis Obispo, Business Administration

Having traveled throughout Europe since childhood, I wanted to choose a study abroad destination that wasn’t as popular as most. Also, I was mindful not to choose a big, busy city to avoid that touristy feeling. And although Antibes was a place I had never been, the French Riviera seemed rather intriguing. I extensively researched the small towns along the Cote d'Azur and fell in love. I was mesmerized by the beauty of the entire region and relished the thought of easily traveling to Monaco and Italy. Also, I liked the idea of attending an international university described as the "Silicon Valley of Europe.” That really caught my eye being a technology major. I’m really looking forward to arriving in Antibes this September to live among the locals and to experience the food, the culture, and the coastline. I’m confident my Antibes experience will present more than I could have imagined! My hobbies include traveling, cooking, and playing tennis.


Galway, Ireland

Mojo_Bio_Fall19_Catherine-Fiore_thCatherine Fiore, Videographer

Ithaca College, Emerging Media

My family roots tie back to Ireland, so I fell in love with the idea of going back and getting a chance to truly live there, not just visit. In addition, the opportunity to take classes as a international student at the National University of Ireland Galway (NUI Galway) was an incredibly attractive factor as it offered the opportunity to fully immerse myself as a student. I am most looking forward to stepping out of my comfort zone, meeting people from a wide variety of backgrounds and picking up on small cultural habits that only make themselves evident when you live there. Any time of the year, you can find me searching high and low for the best ice cream shops and bakeries in town. If I cannot find the dessert I'm craving, I try to make it. 17% chance of it going horribly wrong but a 100% chance of funky playlists playing in the background. I love to stay active by playing soccer, going for hikes, swimming or kayaking (I have to offset the desserts somehow). Overall, you can find me just hoping to make the most out of every day!


London, England

Mojo_Bio_Fall19_Lauren-Rossman_thLauren Rossman, Blogger

University of Delaware, Communications & Journalism

If I’m being completely honest, my love for London started with my love for One Direction. But, as I’ve grown older, I love the proximity and convenience that London provides to visit other cities / destinations, the fashion and the wide array of food. Furthermore, while this may be an unpopular opinion, I love myself a rainy day. I’m most looking forward to making new friends from all over the world. I feel as though living and learning alongside people who live differently than I do will teach me a lot about different cultures. I hope the friends I meet are up for weekend travel adventures because I can’t wait to explore new destinations. Fun facts: My happy place is most definitely the beach. I’ve taken surfing lessons before even though I am absolutely terrible at it. I’ve also pushed myself to try parasailing and indoor skydiving as well. While I would describe myself far from a thrill-seeker, I am excited to see what new things I’ll get to try while studying abroad while documenting it all here!


Madrid, Spain

Mojo_Bio_Fall19_Kamila-Gardocki_thKamila Gardocki, Videographer

DePaul University, Accounting, Finance, Spanish

Spanish language and culture have especially fascinated me and has made a large impact on many aspects of my life and recreation. I've chosen to pursue a program in Madrid because I have a deep appreciation for the people and the culture and I hope to become fluent in what I think is the most beautiful language in the world. I know that through this program, I will have various opportunities to travel within Spain and visit culturally rich cities including Toledo, Granada, Sevilla, and Segovia. I am also very happy that housing through this program is with host families, because living with native Spaniards will give me an even greater chance of becoming fully immersed in the language and family-based Spanish culture. I am very passionate about art and art history; I visit the Art Institute of Chicago often and I am already very excited to continue this hobby in Madrid if given the opportunity. When I visited Madrid two years ago, I was able to visit El Museo Nacional del Prado and got to see works by many of my favorite Spanish artists -- Picasso, Velázquez, and El Greco. Not to mention, my favorite music to listen to is Spanish rock, including artists such as Juanes, Zoé, and León Larregui, and I am excited to maybe attend some live concerts in Spain. Everything about Spain fascinates me, and I am absolutely thrilled to immerse myself in all of its art, dance, and food this fall.


Paris, France

Mojo_Bio_Fall19_Kylie-Forster_thKylie Forster, Blogger

Marist College, Public Relations

For me, there was never any question about whether or not I would study abroad in college, and early on in my freshman year I declared a Global Studies minor to incorporate a global perspective into my education. It honestly feels as though Paris chose me just as much as I chose Paris. Although I have been to Paris once before, I was only there for one day! I was able to visit the city on the last day of a two-week-long trip to Europe with my high school four years ago, and of all days to go, I was there on Bastille Day! I have been infatuated with Paris ever since then, and I admire everything from the art, cuisine, and history, to just the atmosphere in general. A bonus of studying abroad in Paris is that it’s centrally located in Europe, so traveling to other countries will be easier as well. I’m most looking forward to making new connections and meeting new people, whether they be other international students or Parisians. I also hope to get to know the country better and am excited to explore Paris and surrounding areas across France! A fun fact about me is that I know (nearly) every word to the musical Les Misérables, which takes place in France during the 19th century. I love all genres of music, and in my free time I enjoy finding new artists to listen to and even writing my own songs!

Mojo_Bio_Fall19_Isabel-Lerissa_thIsabel Lerissa, Photographer

Cal Poly - San Luis Obispo, Communication

My whole family is French and I have been there a couple of times, so I’m already pretty familiar with the city. I see this as an opportunity to connect deeper to my heritage and get a chance to feel even more at home in Paris. I'm definitely looking forward to the food! But aside from that, I’m excited to improve my French and to visit other parts of France I’ve never been to! I absolutely love movies (including French cinema, of course) and I am a big fan of cooking and painting.



Prague, Czech Republic

Mojo_Bio_Fall19_Kendall-Bannowsky_thKendall Bannowsky, Photographer

Texas Tech University, Human Science

I believe Prague chose me; Prague's weather, history, landscaping, and availability to other countries was perfect and I could not say no. Besides the obvious things like food and architecture, I cannot wait to experience a new culture. I have only been out of country once and it was for a mission trip, so I was unable to really see what the whole country had to offer. With an experience like this, I will be able to make my own schedule (besides my schooling) and do the things that interest me the most. I also can't wait to meet other people -- whether they be locals or my roommates. Hobbies include photography, cooking, hiking, and recently drawing. My interests include travel, dogs, and people. I love learning and expanding my knowledge of places and languages. I also really love National Parks. My accomplishments consist of winning state in mohair, winning first place showing sheep in San Angelo, and last semester I was student major at Chick-Fil-A.

Mojo_Bio_Fall19_Thomas-Beckman_thThomas Beckman, Photographer

Butler University, Marketing

Prague is in Central Europe, so it gives me the opportunity to experience a variety of cultures rather quickly. I was struck by how beautiful and untouched the city is, especially after the chaos of the World Wars. I believe this preservation of Czech culture would make for an interesting experience abroad. I'm looking forward to meeting new people and gaining new experiences. I'm especially excited about weekend trips to different countries and sharing my stories through CEA as a Mobile Journalist! Fun facts: My life revolves around music. Though I'm a business major, I always try to find new hobbies throughout music or art that can help me take my mind off my hectic lifestyle. In the past few years, I've been teaching myself photoshop, DJing, and producing music. Everything I know is mostly self-taught or assistance from friends or family.

Mojo_Bio_Fall19_Caley-Griebenow_thCaley Griebenow, Blogger

University of Iowa, Journalism, English, Creative Writing

I knew I wanted to study abroad during my time in college. I'm so excited to see another part of the world and really expand my worldview. Living far from home is equally scary and exhilarating! Prague checked all the boxes for me: major European city (hello travel-filled weekends), the program had offered the classes I still need, and it's stunning all year round. I'm most excited to meet new people and make unforgettable memories as I explore new places. Fun facts: I write for my school's fine arts magazine, I have a dog with one eye and I'm related to Jimmy Fallon. 


Seville, Spain

Mojo_Bio_Fall19_Nia-Livingston_thNia Livingson, Videographer

University of South Carolina - Columbia, Mass Communications

My personal goal in this study abroad experience is to put all of energy into my passions as a future journalist. I hope that through this study abroad experience I am able to hone in on my academic abilities and maximize my true potential in the media field. My supervisor in my role as a resident mentor told me in a meeting this semester, “To do your best, you have to be your best,” which is a quote that was a deciding factor in devoting all of my energy into learning and growing academically. I am a broadcast journalism student participating in the Communication, Media Studies and Tourism Studies Program through the CEA in Seville, a part of Spain known for its culture, monuments and artistic heritage; however these factors are only some surface-level perks of being in this beautiful city. My intent in studying abroad is not only to build upon my journalism foundations I have been pursuing at USC, but to fully indulge in the culture and language so that I am able to learn Spanish and understand the culture of Spain. In doing so, I will be able to understand the history behind the media controversies that exist in the society today. I also plan to conduct my own independent study that focuses on “The Effects of Social Media on College Students and Their Attitudes Toward Beauty” and can integrate my findings in my role as a MOJO Videographer. I plan to use the findings of my research abroad to offer a diverse voice and perspective to the media industry, significantly impacting my study abroad experience for the better in allowing me to challenge my academic capabilities. Fun facts: I love to travel, eat and sleep. I have a beauty business at my home university doing eyebrows and eyelashes. I love editing videos (no surprise here)!

Mojo_Bio_Fall19_Michelina-Nardone_thMichelina Nardone, Photographer

Chapman University, Biological Science & Nutrition

I chose Seville, Spain, because of its rich history and unique culture. I have always wanted to taste famous Spanish cuisines, such as tapas and paella. Not only is Spain famous for its tasty foods, but it is home to the Flamenco, a tradition that is unique to Spain. There are many more wonders of Spain that I am excited to explore. I am most looking forward to improving my Spanish speaking skills by practicing with the locals. As well as improving my Spanish, I am excited to travel to many different European countries and make plenty of international friends. Fun facts: I am a Biological science major with a passion for medicine and helping others. Not only do I have a passion for medicine, but I love fitness, such as playing soccer, cycling, and running. 

Mojo_Bio_Fall19_Catherine-Pierce_thCatherine Pierce, Blogger

University of Houston, Public Relations

I wanted to study and intern abroad to improve my Spanish language skills, cultural competency, and acquire meaningful work experience. I am obsessed with every aspect of southern Spain -- the Moorish architecture, food, flamenco, and people. I'm looking forward to learning Spanish fluently and becoming a real Andalusian! Fun facts: I love going dancing with friends, playing volleyball and solo traveling.

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