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Dress in the French Riviera

How you dress is very important in France.  Business and social interaction are greatly based off wardrobe, so dressing well is vital. It is always better to be dressed nicer than average. Here are five tips to dress to impress in the French culture.

Dress conservatively

Although France is open to topless beaches when you are dressed it is expected you are dressed to cover yourself up. You hardly see any girls walking around in the middle of the day with their bellies exposed or their bras showing. Depending on your daily activities, wardrobe can be more revealing than in general to fit in as a local. Make sure you have on clean and moderate clothing.

 Walking around the city

Legging are not Pants

In North America both boys and girls have come to love the look of girls wearing leggings as pants. Leggings are used either for fitness or how we use tights. Leggings can be worn with dresses and sweaters that are conservatively long. Of course times are changing and leggings are starting to get worn in France, but they are still seen as sexy.  In America they are seen as casual, relaxed wear.

 U.S.girl's relaxing in leggings
 Who can blame us, they're comfortable!

Long coats

Coming from a winter town in the States, I have not found the French Riviera to be as cold this season. However, just like the people who live in Southern California, after September ends, the locals here find the nights and mornings quite chilly. Both women a men wear long coats to keep warm, often with a belt or tie at the waist. These coats fall about mid-thigh length, and the women coats flair out as they descend.

 French Peacoat

Watch your Undergarments

American culture and style tends to be a little more scandalous. Many clothing companies have started creating bras and bralettes to be worn with shirts that expose them. These are beautiful, colored, lace pieces of clothing. France does not adopt this style. Deep cut shirts, or shirts that expose bras are seen to be unseemly here. A bra is meant to be a secret item of clothing and should not been seen by anyone else in public.

 American dress
 Fashion in North America

The French Dress conservatively in all aspects of their lives.

Boys wear tight pants

America went though a trend we are just getting over of boys wearing really big and baggy pants to show off their boxers (actually this trend was started by a boxer company that wanted to show off their brand). The French have (thankfully) not adopted this style and in general, boys here dress nicer here. They wear fitted clothing that is free of crass and offensive pictures and words. Coming to France, both boys and girls from North America quickly notice how tight boys pants usually are. Here, it is important for boys to care how they look and make an effort to dress nice as well as girls.

 SKEMA, male students

Remember, France has a long history of dressing royal

When you are picking out an outfit, remember that the history of France includes princes and princesses dressed in silks, golds and jewels.  The French still carry some of that pride of looking royal and important. Dress as if you will meet the love of your life everyday and you will fit in. 

Dress shabby and they remember the dress. Dress to the nines and the remember the person.

-CoCo Chanel

Jamie CM is the Fall 2017 MOJO blogger in the French Riviera, France.  She is a Junior studying Communication and Business at Westminster College.

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