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My Time in Seville & Tips for Studying Abroad


As the days left here in Spain dwindle I’m beginning to really reflect upon my time here. I’ve had a great time in Seville and I have definitely learned a lot more about the daily life and culture of Spain. I was happy to have come here with a good amount of prior knowledge of the country and decent language skills (you’re never done learning a language!). My semester here in Seville is just the beginning for my study abroad experience, but I can say it was a great start. Since I will be abroad next semester in the Czech Republic I didn’t feel a need to travel to as many countries as possible every weekend, like I’ve seen many people do while here. While traveling is also an amazing experience, I think its good to at least know the city you’ve lived in for months. I’ve had a lot of time to get to know Seville, finding my favorite spots, discovering the cuisine and local culture. Nevertheless thinking on my time here I’ve come up with a few tips and reviews for studying here in Seville and more generally.

Classes Abroad

 Universidad de Sevilla

Before going abroad I heard many differing accounts about the rigor and difficulty of courses abroad, but after taking classes here at the University of Seville and the CEA center I am a bit more informed. Classes here are not as difficult as home, which for some may be good news if your intent is to party and travel, but for others you may get easily bored by the lack of academic stimulation. Obviously some courses are more difficult than others and require different levels of effort, but from my experience and talking to others people are usually surprised at how easy the coursework is (at least at CEA and the University of Seville). I would recommend the UPO option if you’re looking for more academic rigor. That being said I’ve really enjoyed my courses and professors here.


In short this city is absolutely breathtaking. There is always something new to be seen and discovered and endless tapas bars and restaurants. This city is much more traditional than Madrid (which is also a great place) but you can still find a few hipster establishments. The culture here is rich and diverse. I’m happy to have come for the spring semester because I got to experience the cultural events of Semana Santa and Féria de Abril for which Seville is well known.

 Semana Santa procession in Seville

Explore your city!

A semester is not nearly enough time to get to know a city, get lost in you city and discover its twists and turns. Learn about where you’re living and discover the culture of your city and country.

 Hidden jems are everwhere in Seville!
 Discover the culture of your country through art and history. - A painting of Málaga by famous Spanish artist Joaquín Sorolla


Find a healthy balance between travel and getting to know your city.

Take a trip by yourself, it sounds scary but it is incredibly rewarding.

 Flying over the Pyrenees in Spain

Don’t miss out on CEA’s excursions they’re a great way to learn and visit new places.

Eat everything you can!

Food is a story of a place and a people and if it sounds weird it’s probably amazing.

 A famous dish from Verona, Italy: pastissada di cavallo (stewed horse) with gnocchi

Caitlin M. is the Spring 2017 MOJO Blogger in Seville, Spain. She is currently a Junior studying Spanish & European Studies at Humboldt State University. 
Caitlin McCollum-Martinez is the Spring 2017 CEA MOJO Blogger in Seville, Spain in Seville, Spain, and is currently studying at Humboldt State.
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