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A Break From the Goulash

Prague is known for it’s hearty Czech food such as goulash and bread dumplings. I have eaten my fair share of Czech food since I’ve been abroad, but I have also been trying just about every other type of cuisine I can find. Below is a compilation of all of my favorite international restaurants in Prague city that I would recommendto everyone who visits.

Pasta Fresca

Prague has an unusually high amount of Italian food everywhere you look. I have not had a bad Italian meal since I’ve been here, but I have had one amazing Italian meal and that was at Pasta Fresca. A reservation is a must because of the high demand for their homemade pasta. In the center of Old Town Square, the location can’t be beat.

 Spinach Pasta with mushrooms and candied walnuts
 Cannelloni stuffed with mozzarella and beef
 This is another traditional Italian meal I had from a small restaurant on my street

Lemon Leaf

My favorite type of cuisine is Thai. I have eaten so much in my life that I know when to appreciate a really good Pad Thai. Lemon Leaf was recommended to me by so many people that I made it a priority to go during one of my very first days in Prague. I dream about that Pad Thai at night because it was that good.


I’ve noticed that Mexican food is hard to come by unless you’re wanting late night food at Burrito Loco. I eat Mexican food way too much whenever I’m home in America, so after a few weeks in Prague, I started to crave it. I’ve tried multiple Mexican restaurants since I’ve been here, but I came across Agave on a few travel blogs and decided to give it a try. I’ll admit it was some great tasting and looking Mexican food. Since this cuisine is so hard to come by in Prague, I highly recommend a reservation. Also be aware that the prices are way above average compared to a normal Czech meal.

 I treated myself at the end of my meal to a Mexican brownie that had cayenne pepper in it

Brixton Balls

After tasting meatballs on a weekend trip to Sweden earlier this semester, I was determined to find the same quality of meatballs in Prague. Swedish food is not common at all in Prague, but I randomly came across Brixton Balls when I was walking one day. I stopped in for a casual and quick lunch and I fell in love with this place. For $5 you can get one of their specialty meatballs (I got mine wrapped in bacon) with the choice of a side. It was so good and cheap and I know I’ll be back soon.

 Meatballs wrapped in bacon in a bowl of mashed potatoes and gravy

Meet Burger

The average American studying abroad is going to miss eating traditional American food at some point. I read up on the best burger place in Prague and came across Meet Burger. I did not expect Prague to be able to deliver a good burger but it was surprisingly amazing.

 A traditional American cheeseburger. So good!!
 I had another really good burger at a restaurant called The Tavern

Lillian H. is the Spring 2017 MOJO Blogger in Prague, Czech Republic. She is currently a Junior studying Communications at University of Georgia

Lillian Huckabee in Prague, Czech Republic, and is currently studying at University of Georgia.
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