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Getting to know Irish Culture with CEA

April 17, 2017
by CEA CAPA Content Creator

CEA Dublin has planned an activity for me to do almost every week since I've been here. We've learned how to Irish dance, did an International food night, went bowling, and enjoyed a day trip to Glendalough.

Irish dancing was a blast! It was an amazing new experience, as everything else has been, to learn some traditional Irish entertainment.

I loved International food night. It was truly amazing to see and taste all the diversity in cultures around the world through their different foods. The Irish blood sausage was incredible and surprisingly was one of my favorites. A close second to that was the German pasta salad which was something we can normally get back home but much better than the thrown together recipes at the local grocery store.

As an American, I thought it would be fitting to bring McDonald's seeing as that is what most people think of as a very American food. The one let down with the McDonald's abroad I have noticed is the lack of salt on their fries, everything else seems pretty standard for the most part though.

When we went bowling I got my first turkey ever! I was ecstatic as I've been trying for one since going bowling the first weekend of freshman year of college back at Platteville.

Glendalough was spectacular! Just South of Dublin and in the Wicklow Mountain National Park, the lower mountain range was phenomenal. Along with great hiking there is a ton of history in that area, as well as all of Ireland.

 Glendalough Building

It was awesome to see some of the old buildings and monuments and wonder how something like that could have been built so long ago. I liked the hiking so much going with the CEA that I actually went the next day with some Irish friends. The first day had some light drizzle and clear skies for the most part whereas the second was the most I've seen it rain while being in Ireland. I still had an excellent time!
 High Lake Glendalough
 Selfie on the top of Glenadlough

Looking forward to CEA Excursions in the future such as Gallway, Belfast, and most of all getting the chance to surf in the Atlantic.

Sylas S. is the Spring 2017 MOJO Blogger in Dublin, Ireland. He is currently a senior studying Mechanical Engineering at University of Wisconsin-Platteville.

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