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Staying Studious in Spain


Studying abroad is full of beauty, excitement, and adventure, but did you know it actually includes studying? I mean, who knew "study" abroad actually meant study abroad. Well, even though you really do have to put hard work into your studies, there are so many perks that come with choosing to study abroad in a foreign country, especially Granada, Spain. Below I will discuss with you some main aspects of studying here in Granada.

 Views from a café that Spanish students showed my roommate and I during an intercambio to practice our Spanish.

Spanish Level Placement 

When you arrive to Granada, one of the first things you have to do is take a Spanish placement exam that will help decipher the level of Spanish you should be in. Trust me, it's not as scary as it sounds. From there, depending on the level you are placed in, you are able to choose your classes, whether that may be taking all of your electives in Spanish, taking all of them in English, or even choosing to take some in English and some in Spanish. On top of the electives, it is required of most students to take a grammar class and an oral and writing class which really do help with improving your Spanish skills. Regardless of the classes you choose to take , it is a really cool and immersive way to get to know the culture and the language.

 A great way to stay busy during the week after classes is to go up into the Albayzín and stumble upon a quaint, little shop like this.

Classroom Experience

Well to start, going to school in a foreign country is definitely a different experience than in the United States. First off, your professors will most likely be natives of Spain which means that English is not their first language. Although the professors may speak English fluently, there still may be a language barrier present due to culture differences. This has not been an issue for me, only a learning experience. You not only learn about the topic of the classes in the classroom, but you also learn about life and perspective.

 Studying in el Parque Federico Garcia Lorca until sunset, only a short walk from my host family's apartment.

Studies in Spain

In the States, my major is International Business Management with a minor in Spanish, and because of my business major, I was required to take business classes while abroad in order to graduate on time. Thankfully, the Spanish Language and Liberal Arts Program has a few options of business classes with the electives that they offer. At the CLM, I take a total of 5 classes which is 15 credit hours that transfer back to my home university. My classes include International Marketing and Economy of Spain to go toward my major, Spanish Grammar and Spanish Oral and Writing to go toward my minor, plus a Spanish Literature class that goes toward my humanities prerequisite courses. Each of my classes truly benefits my studies in several ways like getting real life Spanish practice inside and outside the classroom, and learning about business through the eyes of another country instead of  the United States.

 Friends and I working at one of our favorite cafes in Granada, La Qarmita.

Meghan L. is the Spring 2017 CEA MOJO blogger in Granada, Spain. She is currently a Junior studying International Business Management and Spanish at the University of Dayton.

Meghan Leslie is the Spring 2017 CEA MOJO Blogger in Granada, Spain in Granada, Spain, and is currently studying at University of Dayton.
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