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Eat, Eat, Oh & Eat.

December 29, 2016
by Esther Yoo
Granada is a city absolutely filled with great cafes, restaurants, and stores. Now that I have lived here for a little over three months, I have definitely made a list of my go-to spots.
 Views from outside of the adorable cafe 7gatos

Siete Gatos

The first spot that won my heart over was this adorable café/restaurant/bar. It is called Siete Gatos. I go to Siete Gatos to do homework and study when I can’t focus at home. They have the best prices on food and drinks. I always go with their frutas del bosque smoothie. I found out later than I probably should have, that Siete Gatos is a franchise and there is a location closer to my house than the one I had been going to. So now I like to back and forth between the two. It is such a hip and calming environment. The service is great and their array of food and drinks are even better!

 Even better views inside. Now you can see why I love to study here, right?

Shawarma King

My next go-to spot is a place that I am a bit more embarrassed to admit how often I go to eat. In Granada, I have discovered the amazing food that is called Shawarma. What is shawarma you ask? It is basically the Arabic version of a chipotle burrito, but BETTER. There are several places to go to all over Granada, but there is one spot in particular that I chose over all the other fancy or side street shawarma places. It is a franchise called Shawarma King. Out of all of the places I have tried, which is a handful, Shawarma King won me over. I normally get falafel, but a typical shawarma comes with a type of meat of your choice. Normally lamb. Then it is filled with a bunch of vegetables and a delicious sauce that is almost like tzatziki. Delicious. Not to mention their service is amazing. I have never met such nice employees. I’ve been there more than I’d like to admit, and each and every employee has been only the kindest to me.

 My mouth is watering too
 Just the outside lures your in

Gelateria Via Lattea

The last but definitely not the least place, and of course is another place of food. Gelato. My favorite place to go here is Gelateria Via Lattea. The reason I think it is my favorite place to go to is because I have made great memories with my friends whom I have gone there with. There is a gelato place on about every corner and you probably cannot go wrong with any of them, but I love this place. I love to switch it up between, Oreo, or the fruity flavors like yogurt mango and lemon. There is a famous gelato place here in Granada called Los Italianos, which is also amazing and definitely worth checking out. Heads up: they are only open for a portion of the year because they make so much money that they do not need to be open all-year-round. Gelateria Via Lattea is a small shop, and the same man works each time and makes me feel like regular and a real Granadino!

 What have I learned this semester?
You can never get too much gelato.

You really cannot go wrong with anything in Granada. I really mean it when I say I live in the greatest city. There is so much variety within this small city, but a never-ending list of things to do and places to go. You must check out these three amazing places that I have found comfort in!

Esther Y. is the Fall 2016 CEA MOJO in Granada, Spain. She is currently a senior studying International Studies, Media Studies, and Spanish at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Esther Yoo is the Fall 2016 CEA MOJO Blogger in Granada, Spain, and is currently studying at Virginia Commonwealth University.
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