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Same Culture or Nah?

It has nearly been 2 weeks since I left my hometown of San Diego, California to come to this beautiful city, filled with Latin culture: Seville. It has been easy for me to adjust to the Spanish lifestyle because it is similar to the Colombian culture I am apart of. Some things I find that are similar to Colombian culture here in Seville are the food, music, dance, warm hospitality, and slow-paced lifestyle. People here in Spain enjoy the company of others and not rushing through their daily activities like meals.
 Spaniard dish "paella" similar to the Colombian dish "arroz con pollo"

The main reason for studying abroad in Seville, Spain is because I wanted the same rich culture and Spanish language that Colombia offers. I am fortunate that I get to experience different cultures and am able to speak two different languages, as my mom is from Colombia. Living in Seville for 4 months will allow me to immerse myself into the Spanish lifestyle and get my Spanish speaking skills on the roll.
 Gotta love beautiful shopping streets

I love speaking Spanish to locals; most of them notice I come from a different Spanish speaking country because of the different slang words and tenses I use in comparison to Sevillaños. I was so surprised to see that some people know I’m Colombian just from having a small conversation with them.

 Met the torero of bullfighting!

It’s fun to share a Latin connection to this new environment I’m living in. People in Seville are so welcoming and nice, whether you speak the language or not. Most of the time people are surprised to hear I speak Spanish because I walk with my American friends and they assume I am just another “gringa”.
 Center of Plaza de España

Additionally, Sevillaños are interested in meeting more Americans and have a desire to learn English. Meeting up with locals and really trying to make friends with students from Seville will make your experience abroad well worth it. When I go out, I really try to talk to locals so they can help me practice my Spanish and tell me about cool places to visit or do in Seville.

 Walking through the gorgeous parks of Seville

Daniella S. is the Fall 2016 CEA MOJO in Seville, Spain. She is currently a junior studying Recreation, Parks, and Tourism Administration at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo.

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