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What Amazes Me About Rome

Rome was full of surprises from the moment I stepped off the plane and saw a palm tree (I had no idea there would be palm trees in Rome!). Driving to my soon-to-be home, I was immediately amazed by a city that I was completely unfamiliar with. I chose to study abroad in Rome because I saw it in history books and knew it had a lot to offer. Besides that, I had no knowledge of the city or the Italian culture, really. I knew that the adventures ahead would be nothing short of life changing.
 The one and only Colosseum: a structure that inspires and amazes everyone who sees it.

Considering my amazement at the palm trees, I bet you can imagine my reaction to the Colosseum. Standing next to a building I've seen in history books since elementary school was a very humbling and inspiring experience to say the least. When I first got off the metro and set foot out of the station, I looked up at this ancient building with more history than I’ll ever fully realize, and I was filled with admiration.
 One of my favorite things to do in Rome is wander the narrow alleys and admire the old buildings. They're all the same height, but are each unique in color and details. Getting lost isn't so bad in such a quaint neighborhood!

However, I must admit that the little experiences I've had in the city have also been eye-opening for me. Being in an environment so different from anything I’ve ever known has made the little things become meaningful. There’s just so many things I’ve never seen before: a chalkboard announcing the price of a cannoli in the Italian language, buildings constructed so close together that only a small sliver of sky separates them. The entire experience I’ve had here has been packed with “never before scenes," and I try to photograph each one to preserve the precious little moments that make life all the more wonderful.
 This street is one of the first I wandered down when I arrived in Rome, and that sign that says "Forno" marks the first of many pizza places I've hit.
 I love being surrounded by the Italian language, especially when its telling me about cannoli sales.
 I'm guilty of taking photos of pretty much every door I see here in Rome. I loved the texture of this one!

Alexandra Harbour is the Spring 2016 CEA MOJO Photographer in Rome, Italy. She is currently a junior at the Providence College. 

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