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Dobrý den Praha

Based on observation, nine times out of 10 or potentially 10 times out of ten, an average person that had recently traveled to Prague would go absolutely berzerk on everything Prague. From the food to the colorful buildings, they would tell me that every inch of the city was worth seeing and experiencing. So now after just barely two weeks of living and studying in Prague, can I have my fair share of ranting about this city?

“This city is the absolute coolest.”

 The view from Charles Bridge Tower looking out toward Prague Castle

Feel free to quote me until my dying day, because there will never be a better adjective to describe Prague and I will never change my mind about this city. I have 100 percent fallen in love with its charm, people, food, sights, you name it and I will love and rant some more about it. The small streets are lined with bumpy cobblestones, while short, colorful buildings slightly tower above you to reveal the Prague castle up on the hill. Doner Kebabs and Trdelniks fill the air with sweet and savory aromas. The Charles Bridge peacefully stands over the river while noisy tourists bother the saint statues that stand proudly on top of it. Enter Old Town Square where it is bustling with life every second of the day and night. Then take a walk up Petrin Hill and pick fruits straight off the tree while looking down at the beautiful city of Prague. Have I sold you yet?
 View from Charles Bridge Tower

Since being here I have made a few observations about the Czech and American culture. Turns out Americans are very loud. After even talking to a Czech person, they look as though you were a drill sergeant yelling orders at them instead of simply asking where to find the nearest tram stop. The Czech appreciate always being greeted with a “dobrý den” (good day), but are not fond of noise after 10 p.m. and have no problem throwing water out the window to the noisy Americans on the street.

The language has proved to be difficult especially when attempting to grocery shop. My roommates and I have been seen entering the grocery store with high hopes then basically running away screaming with nothing but bread. To those that have never seen Czech written out on a page, to the average English-speaking person it looks as though somebody accidentally dropped their hand on the keyboard and a bunch of letters appeared on the screen.

Despite the original issues adjusting to the language and Czech culture, I think I speak for everyone on the program that we are going to be just fine here in the lovely city of Praha. Because let me repeat something about our new home, “This city is the absolute coolest.”

Brittan Bates is the Fall 2015 CEA MOJO Blogger in Prague, Czech Republic. She is currently a junior at the University of Arizona.

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