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Work It Out

We all know about the dreaded freshman 15, some of us better than others, but only those who have studied abroad are familiar with the study abroad 30. Yes, you read that right thirty. In no way is this supposed to scare you, and no, you will probably not gain 30 pounds if you do decide to study abroad, but there are definitely plenty of ways to indulge yourself in any country you may find yourself living in. Just in case, I have prepared a list of ways in which you can stay physically and mentally healthy in Buenos Aires (so that you can keep that girlish figure you’ve been working all year for)
 The ministry of health in Buenos Aires is dedicated to providing
free classes and fitness equipment rentals to the public.
You can easily find these at almost any
major park in the bright yellow stands.

1.)    Just do it!

Portenos absolutely love fitness. Unlike in the United States, anyone can find a gym for free right around the corner in your local park. The Ministry of Health for Buenos Aires has placed yellow stands all over the city that offer everything from health screenings, to bike and yoga mat rentals, to free Zumba classes and everything in between. No matter you experience level with fitness you can find a workout that suits you! All you have to do is find your nearest park (my favorites are Parque Las Heras and Parque 3 de Febrero) to begin!

 Parque 3 de Febrero is a great spot to hit up on Saturday mornings for free zumba classes!

2.)    Moderation, Moderation, Moderation (Punny right?)

I will not sit here and tell you to keep a strict vegan diet while studying abroad because then you will be missing a part of the culture (and I am not quite sure that is possible). Enjoy the local cuisine, indulge in a alfajor every once in a while, and go out for drinks with your friends. The key to staying healthy is to do all of this in moderation. Yes, indulge, but also try to fit in a few of those fruits and vegetables your mom tried to force feed you as a kid. On almost every street in Buenos Aires you can find a fruteria where you will find the freshest fruits and vegetables (I recommend buying produce here over the grocery stores). The fruit stand owners are very helpful and will sometimes share a free avocado with you too!

 Fruit or vegetable stand can be found on almost every street,
and will be your best friends when trying to find fresh produce in the city!

3.)    Blog It Out

I will be the first to admit it, I have been on an emotional roller coaster during my study abroad experience (seriously, it’s comparable to pre-pubescent mood swings). It is difficult to put one’s life on hold at home, adapt to a culture, and constantly overloaded with new sensory information. You will miss home, your family, friends, pets, and certain aspects of your culture in the States. You will also have so much to reflect and share with those who care for you. All of these feelings are just, and expected with the timeline of cultural adaptation. I recommend creating some way in which you can reflect on your experiences and feelings so that you can reminisce later and even share with people back home. Some great ways to do this are blogs, journals, vlogs, or even signing up to be a MOJO blogger or photographer!


These three tips are sure to help you start thinking about the ways in which you will stay physically and mentally healthy during your study abroad experience. On top of this, the staff at CEA are helpful resources for times when you want to know how to stay healthy or just need someone to talk to. Stay healthy and enjoy every aspect of your study abroad experience!

Maggie Luehrs is the Fall 2014 CEA MOJO in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is currently a junior at Colorado State University.

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