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10 Tips for Life After Study Abroad

The memories, the food, the friends, the local currency still falling out when you go to pay  for things. Even though your time abroad is finished, now you get to reconnect with family, 

friends, your favorite local taco restaurant, and your home campus. Exciting, right? Well…what if you have the back-home-blues?

The important thing to remember is that whether you studied abroad in Paris, Buenos Aires or Shanghai, what you’re feeling is completely normal! Now that you've gone outside your comfort zone and had this amazing experience, it can be tough getting back into your regular routine.

 Remember that time?

For real-life tips, we enlisted some of our CEA Alumni Ambassadors for advice about dealing with life after study abroad:


Erin (CEA London)--Alumni Ambassador from DePaul University
“I just got back from Italy and I've been coping by watching a lot of Italian movies and eating a lot of (attempts at) Italian food even though it will never be as good.”

Taylor (CEA San Jose)—Senior Ambassador at University of Nebraska Lincoln
“Get involved back on campus! Do something that lets you share your experience and also try something new!

Monique (CEA Seville)—Alumni Ambassador at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
“Write about it and make a scrapbook to show your family and friends! Then it becomes easier to articulate your awesome experience!”

David (CEA Port Elizabeth)—Alumni Ambassador from UW-Stout
“Talk with your study abroad office and see if you can give presentations on your study abroad experience. I found it really helpful to share travel stories and tips!”

Alyse (CEA San Jose)—Senior Alumni Ambassador from Bowling Green State University
“Keep in touch with the friends you met abroad! They're all going through the same thing! Offer to volunteer at your school's study abroad office, or even with international students to keep making global connections! Also, make a list of the ways u can integrate things you learned abroad into your daily life and act on it!”

Chris   (CEA London)—Alumni Ambassador from DePaul University
“Really look to your Study Abroad office to alleviate some of the lower points when you come back. They will subside over time; although, your itch to travel will never be diminished. Accept it and realize that it is all a part of the experience; every high and low.”

Kathryn (CEA Seville)—Alumni Ambassador from Iowa State University
“Make friends with other people who have studied abroad; try to find foods that remind you of where you went; make your own study abroad by finding new places with friends in your campus/town (world markets, parks, and restaurants are a fantastic place to start); or just study abroad again!”

 The pizza, the fun, the memories--are they over already?

Plus, here are a few other ways you can stay involved:

  • Share your study abroad summer feedback and help other students decide to study abroad by taking a minute to review your CEA study abroad program on sites such as Go Overseas or Abroad 101.
  • Join the “CEA Alumni Network” group on LinkedIn to connect with our alumni community and for tips to leverage your study abroad experience in your career.
  • Tweet or Instagram your study abroad memories and include #ceaAbroad. Or, leave a note on the Facebook wall.

Plus, we want to hear from you! Have other tips or ideas you’d recommend? Let us know!

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