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Rain, Rain Is Here To Stay: Wardrobe Necessities For Ireland’s Wet Climate

Ireland’s climate is as quirky as the people who live on the island. Days in Dublin frequently consist of sun, wind, rain, clouds, a light breeze, and then more rain. I learned pretty quickly not to trust the forecast on the iPhone weather app, and to dress to experience all four seasons in one day, which is usually what Mother Nature delivers to the people of Dublin. While the wacky weather can be frustrating at times, the large quantities of rain are the reason behind Ireland’s famous green fields and the consistent temperatures allow palm trees to grow and trees to remain full all year round. It is the beautifully-lush foliage and ever-present green in the environment that make all the walks to class in the rain worth it. However, living in Ireland’s wet climate would not be as easy if I did not have several essential clothing pieces that make my time in the sun, wind, rain, clouds, light breezes, and more rain so comfortable, warm, and dry.
1. Comfortable rain boots with fleece lining
As my most frequently worn pair of shoes, my rain boots have seen the cobblestone streets of Dublin, the muddy Cliffs of Moher, and the slippery rocks of Giant’s Causeway. Durable and warm rain boots are a "must" when visiting Ireland due to the amount of outdoor attractions the country has to offer. I strongly suggest purchasing a fleece lining for your boots to help keep your feet warm. If you are a fan of keeping your feet extra toasty, pair the fleece lining with wool socks to ensure that your toes never become numb.

 My fleece-lined rain boots at Giant's Causeway

2. Water resistant jacket
Although a rain jacket is an obvious essential, it is important to choose a jacket that causes the water to bead up on the material instead of streak down. When the water beads up together it is easier to shake off, prevents the jacket from becoming water logged, and allows the material to dry quickly. It is a good decision to invest in a quality rain jacket when visiting Ireland because you will get your money’s worth and nothing is more miserable than sightseeing in cold and damp clothing.
 My classmate, Charlotte, sporting an outfit fit for outdoor adventures

3. Scarves, scarves, scarves
Scarves are a valuable part of my wardrobe, since they provide warmth and act as a fashion accessory. They are easy to wrap around my face when the wind picks up and stylish enough to wear when the sun comes out and I take my jacket off. Some of the best advice I received before I started to pack was “Remember to layer.” Since it can be rainy one hour and sunny the next, it is important to wear layers so you can easily cool off and warm up. The button down, light vest, scarf, jacket, and boots combination is the perfect every day outfit and keeps you well prepared for the changing weather.
 My classmates, Shannon and Ashley, perfecting the "layered" outfit

Although the fickle weather sounds bothersome, enduring the rain is worth it when you are in a country as charming and captivating as Ireland.

Abigail Marchione is the Spring 2014 MOJO for Dublin, Ireland. She is currently a junior at DePaul University.

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