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Letter to a Friend: Taking Classes Abroad in Seville, Spain

¡Hola from Spain!
Just got your letter in the mail yesterday, and it makes me smile to hear that you are doing so well. Those pictures of the snow days look fantastic! How fast did you get going on that sled?
As for me, I am doing great. The weather here could not be any better. In the 60’s every day, super bright and sunny, and everyone is excited to be in this city. Now that it is the weekend, all the families are out and about, and later, my new Spanish friends and I are headed to the park by the river for a picnic lunch and soccer.
Your questions made me laugh! And yes, I actually do have class! Ha ha, I guess when all you see are my Instagram pictures of food and Roman ruins and bullfights (and did you see the one of the first time I saw the Mediterranean?!), you do start to wonder.
But actually, I’m so glad you asked, because I had no idea I would enjoy my classes this much. Some days, I look even look forward to them as much as going to tapas bars or traveling. These are the classes I’m taking:
  1. History of Spain – What a better place to learn Spanish history than Spain? And then, we get to visit the sights and ruins here in town. And all the others are only a small bus trip away!
  2. Spanish Literature (in Spanish) – It’s the hardest class I have right now, but so rewarding! Every class brings me one step closer to being fluent, and the professor makes even the sad stories lots of fun.
  3. Photography – Different than any class I’ve taken before; we’re learning history, theory, photo composition, and everything in-between. You know I’m not artistic! But in this city, it’s almost impossible not to take a picture you want to frame.
  4. Advanced Spanish (in Spanish) – All-around language class. The teacher grew up here in Sevilla, and half of our conversations are structured around getting us to know local customs and how to be a local for these four life-changing months.
  5. Tapas Cooking (in Spanish) – Yes, you read correctly! This is a four-hour long class where we learn how to cook Spanish foods! Can’t tell you how giddy I am that morning, looking forward to the class in the evening. With chef hats and aprons, we learn about the foods and flavors, chop, sauté, cook, bake, mess up, and cook again. Then, the last half hour is dedicated to sitting and tasting everyone’s creations. I’ll have to make you some tapas as soon as I get back!
So, as I know you’re worried about classes when studying abroad, don’t fret. I’ve got both sides of the spectrum: classes that transfer for my major and fun, culture ones. This organization has helped me with both, and I haven’t had to worry once. It makes your trip worth it more than you know.
Thanks for writing to me, and can’t wait to hear back from you soon!
 P.S.  I finally decided on a good hashtag for all my pictures, ha! -- #SevillaAdventures

Photography Class

 History Class
 Would you believe me if I told you behind those doors is the room where
Ferdinand and Isabella personally gave Columbus permission to sail?
 Tapas Class
 Yes, this is our creation: "Tortilla de Papas"
Spanish Potato Omelet

Jansen Nash is the Spring 2014 CEA MOJO in Seville, Spain. He is currently a sophomore at Clemson University.
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