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What Type of Prague Student Are You?

One of the most important parts of planning your study abroad experience is choosing your program destination. But with all of the options that exist, how do you know which destination is the perfect match for you?

We think quizzes are good way to help. That's why we made one for Prague!

Take a few minutes to complete this short, multiple-choice quiz and discover what parts of Prague will serve your study abroad interests best.

We've included the questions to our quiz below and will post a blog later today that includes your results (make sure to keep track of your answers!).

Good luck and have fun!

  1. On a relaxing Saturday afternoon, where do you think you could see yourself most? 
    1. Observing and admiring the John Lennon wall – a tribute to the Beatle himself, and an aesthetic monument that rose from the promise of democracy during the Communist era of Prague’s past 
    2. Hitting up the United Islands international music festival on the islands of Prague’s Vltava River to watch one of the 150 live acts perform
    3. Strolling through Old Town Square amongst the locals, people-watching and learning to blend into the Czech way of life 
  2. Given the choice, what kind of class experience would you most like to have?
    1. Attend a poetry and fiction reading series where both the students and non-university Czech authors recite poetic prose
    2. Tour some of Prague’s most exquisite historical and architectural sites with your classmates and professor
    3. Visit a local underground music club to learn more about Czech music culture
  3. The middle of your hectic school week eases up a bit after one of your classes is unexpectedly cancelled. How do you picture yourself filling up the empty time slot?
    1. Passing the time throughout the six stories of Prague’s largest collection of modern and contemporary artwork at Veletržní palác, one of the many National Gallery sites throughout the city
    2. Trekking up to Prague Castle to explore the almost 70,000 sq. meters of palaces and religious buildings dating back to the 10th century
    3. Getting lost while venturing through the city’s cobblestone streets, discovering Prague’s true character as you encounter a small cafe, delicately filled with chatting locals who discuss the events of the day 
  4. If you could choose to visit one neighborhood, which would it be?
    1. Josefov, the Jewish ghetto of Prague, which acts home to many of Jewish history’s greatest artifacts such as the Staronová synagoga – Europe’s oldest active synagogue
    2. Staré Mesto, a.k.a. Old Town, behaves as a goldmine of restaurants, cafes, shops, pubs, etc. all teeming with local Czech cuisine, people and culture
    3. Hradcany, or otherwise know as the Castle District, which houses St. Vitus Cathedral, Loreto Church and a branch of the national art gallery that features a collection of Baroque masterpieces
  5. While lost in the labyrinth-like streets of this Czech capital, you come across a local flea market. What type of item would you buy?
    1. An old World War II piece of memorabilia left over from the bombing of Prague in 1945
    2. A hand-painted image landscaping the city’s famous Charles Bridge
    3. Spices to accentuate the authentic Czech meal you are preparing to cook for Friday night dinner


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