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3 Cliques of London Fashion

May 03, 2012
by CEA CAPA Content Creator
I can best describe the fashion of London as cliquey. By that I mean there are three specific styles that stand out, each of which is reminiscent of a high school clique. Let me elaborate:
The Nerd:
There’s a simple formula to complete the nerdy look, and just to be clear, I say “nerd” in the most adoring way.  The basic root of the equation is a classic button-up (preferably denim-ish fabric), fastened all the way to the top button. This part is essential. In order to be a trendy nerd, one must be ironically formal in dress.
Like in every look, layering is key. Atop the fully fastened shirt should be an oversized cardigan, one the falls just below your behind. On the lower half of the nerd look are leggings or tight trousers. The purpose of the long cardigan is to cover the tooshy, so as not remain conservative.
As for accessories, these are simple and obvious. Thick-rimmed glasses pair well and add an intellectual edge, while Oxford shoes take the outfit to an ivy-league level.
The Hipster:
This look is all about denim. Denim Shirts, denim jackets, jeans.  If the whole look isn’t compiled of the material, then the other pieces should be as follows:
A distressed tee, either of something ironic--like cats--or a punk/indie band. This is to be worn under the jacket.
Funky tights, usually worn under jean cut-offs, if you’re not wearing jeans. Fishnets, patterns, colors, what ever you feel like. Hey, you’re hip, you don’t have to match.
Leather/pleather. If you don’t feel like wearing denim, leather is the next best option. Not a denim jacket day? Wear that vintage-leather bomber instead.
As for shoes—the more worn-in, the better. Converses? Scuff those babies. Boots? Make sure they’re not too shiny and don’t look new.
The Prep:
One simple piece sets this apart: The Blazer. Chic, professional, sophisticated.  Wear over a floral dress or a blouse. It takes the outfit to the next-preppy-level.
Jeans and leggings are options here, but only if they are dark and fit perfectly. Slacks and a skirt are great alternatives too.
With The Prep the accessories make the style. A designer purse is a must, preferably a Longchamp.  This well-known French tote says, “I’m busy, but know how to look good.” As far as hair, if you want to look put together but don’t have time for a perfect blow out and straighten, try the high ballerina bun. Bangs or no bangs, this tops off the style. It’s easy, clean, and let’s the world know how posh you are. To complement the bun, try ballerina flats. Cold? High, leather boots show style and class.

Katie Buckleitner -- London Mojo

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