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What's Brewing in Brazil?

January 11, 2012
by CEA CAPA Content Creator
  6 syllables. The future fate of CEA Global Education’s newest program destination lies within 6 simple drops of the jaw. The most syllables jammed into any CEA destination yet, a happenstance as unique as this can only represent a city with similar distinctive character. So without further delay – clear your throats, loosen your jaw, and join us in reciting our new six-syllabled friend: Florianópolis.

Tucked into Brazil’s southeastern corner, Florianópolis makes its presence known by flaunting a diverse scope of geography, history and culture – and when we say diverse, we’re not joking. The city itself acts as the capital of Brazil’s Santa Catarina state, and sweeps its borders over the entire Island of Santa Catarina as well as a small part of the mainland. This means that not only does the city boast over 40 beaches, it also supplies lakes, sand dunes and mountains, all for your explorative pleasure.

Venture via Volunteering
Unlike the cheese that stood alone in the realm of childhood lullabies, the abundance of outdoor adventure in Florianópolis’ does not stand as the only highlight in this city’s profuse personality. Here, it’s the culture that differentiates Brazil from the rest of the world. CEA introduces its Floripa students more thoroughly to the Brazilian way of life through an engaging channel that encourages giving back to the city's community.

Volunteer opportunities in Florainópolis flower throughout the city plentifully, promising enriching community interaction and involvement to our future CEA goers. We specifically have partnered with four separate volunteer organizations to allow students this chance: Casa Lar Emaus, Fundação Vidal Ramos, COEPAD and Saude Crianca Florainópolis. Help tutor children struggling with their studies, organize after school activities for students who live in troubled areas or assist members of a business cooperative for the mentally and physically disabled, all while simultaneously growing closer and more intertwined to the Brazilian culture surrounding you.

South America sans Spanish
In addition to the endless learning opportunities that stem from an experience like volunteering, students studying with CEA in Florianópolis also expose themselves to a language unfamiliar to many other South American countries – Portuguese.

Wait, but isn’t Portugal all the way on the other side of the Atlantic? Yes, this is true, but what’s also true is that Brazil happens to take the title as largest Portuguese speaking country in the world. Explore the exotic nature of this language through classes at all skill levels (beginning, intermediate and advanced), and through the constant and daily interaction with native Portuguese speaking Brazilians.

Floripa for Me?
So what kind of student should consider Brazil? Easy! Florianópolis calls for a student that desires to engage in the culture, the city and the country in more ways than one. Sure, you’ve heard a little bit about Brazil, but your curiosity urges you to intricately discover the country and to do so in every way possible when abroad. You crave to walk, eat, dance, volunteer, communicate, hike, etc., within the welcoming arms of Florianópolis, and upon leaving you want to feel as though you've given a piece of yourself to the community.
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