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Top Five Reasons Why You Should Study Business Abroad

February 06, 2008
by CEA CAPA Content Creator

Global Integration

No matter if you want to admit it or not, the world is growing increasingly smaller when it comes to the way business is conducted. In the past 20 years, the US economy has gone from outsourcing manufacturing, to outsourcing support, to international synergies and integration. Gone are the days of country-centric companies. The average employee in most companies interacts with the world on a day to day basis. Studying abroad is no longer just for language majors; it is the necessary preparation to join the modern workforce.

A Different Perspective

When you study business abroad you have the opportunity to both look at the local markets and economy, but also look at the US economy from an outsider’s point of view. Recent events have highlighted the balancing act that is the global economy, one way of business for each country or region is no longer a viable method of operation. The next generation of “Captains of Industry” will be required to have global vision and knowledge to be successful within the world market.

Cultural Aptitude

Learning how to interact with different cultures is a big part of the study abroad experience. With the progression toward a more globally integrated workforce it is more critical than ever to be culturally competent prior to entering the job market. Your study abroad program will provide the tools you need to land your “dream job”, drastically reducing your learning curve for engaging at higher levels of business, and giving you a leg-up on the competition.

Let’s Face It – It’s Different From Your Home Campus

No matter which CEA study abroad destination you pick it will be far more exciting than spending the semester at home. With business study abroad programs instructed in English available in over 15 locations around the world like: Rome, Buenos Aires, Barcelona, and South Africa, you will have the experience of a lifetime while life goes on as usual on your home campus.

Get The Job You Want After Graduation

Many of the reasons studying abroad will help you land a job are peppered throughout this post. However, the most important is learning both economic policies and business principles that are region and country specific. For instance a business student who has studied in the European Union would understand that the VAT is something to take into account when forecasting and would potentially lower the contribution of a given business unit operating inside the EU when compared to one within the United States. A student might be able to better compare and contrast the different markets and highlight why going public in a foreign market can often lead to lower operating costs due to Sarbaines Oxley compliance for publicly traded companies in the US. Also a student in our Shanghai study abroad program might be able to weigh the opportunities and risks in investing in China’s booming market, due to its dynamic nature and the demographic of its investors. These are just a few examples of how studying abroad will not only enhance your degree, but set your resume apart from the rest and be the experience you need to get the job you want after graduation.

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