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Which overseas study abroad is for you?

One of the most exciting and life-changing opportunities in college, overseas study abroad with CEA is your ticket to discovering new cultures, learning a foreign language and making friends to last a lifetime. Education abroad can open doors for your career, make you more independent and even help you earn college credit while you study abroad.

Thinking about overseas study abroad, but not sure where to start? Ask yourselves these simple questions to help guide your education abroad planning, and find your ideal study abroad program with CEA.

1. Do you know a foreign language?
If you’ve studied a foreign language, it’s logical to want to spend your overseas study abroad in a country where you can expand those skills. But you don’t have to already know a language to study abroad. Even if you have no language experience, you can still take CEA’s intensive introductory language courses in Spanish, French, Italian, German and more. Already fluent in a language? Become a veritable polyglot and hone your skills in a less commonly taught tongue, such as Russian, Polish, Hungarian, Czech or even Chinese. With overseas study abroad, the opportunities are endless.

2. What are your career goals?
When choosing where to study abroad, ask yourself whether education abroad in a specific country will help you later. For business students, Germany and China may be good choices. Many large US firms have offices in Germany, and China has become increasingly important in global economics. If you plan to work in social services, education or another people-focused field, Spanish language skills will always come in handy. Look at overseas study abroad in Spain, or stay in the Americas with education abroad in Mexico, Costa Rica or Argentina.

3. Where have you traveled before?
Although it’s tempting to visit a place you’ve already been to, if you’ve traveled to another country before, consider a new nation for your overseas study abroad. One of the reasons study abroad is so memorable is that it presents a fresh, new experience for students. There’s nothing quite like setting your eyes upon a new city for the first time, learning to navigate its streets and discovering what makes it different from everywhere else on earth.

4. What would you like to study?
If you’re interested in architecture, Rome is calling. Art history? Spend your days wandering the Louvre while you study abroad in Paris. For ecology and environmental studies, you can’t beat the biodiversity of Costa Rica. Or learn about the horrors of World War II and the division of Germany in Berlin, the gateway between Eastern and Western Europe.

5. What are your interests?
Do you love the fast-paced city life, or would you prefer to live in a smaller college town? Are you looking for warm beaches or snowy winters? Would you rather spend your weekends in underground nightclubs or scaling the Alps? Choose an overseas study abroad that allows you to explore the things that interest you the most, because the city that sounds like the most fun will probably be the one with the best study abroad option for you.

Once you’ve done some thinking about your overseas study abroad, it’s time to start planning. Search for study abroad programs by location, language of instruction, subject or field of study, and find the education abroad program for you with CEA.
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