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Environmental Engineering University of Galway - Full Curriculum Program Fall 2022 Semester - Galway

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Environmental Engineering

Environmental Engineering Course Overview


CEA CAPA Partner Institution: University of Galway
Location: Galway, Ireland
Primary Subject Area: Civil Engineering
Other Subject Area: Engineering
Instruction in: English
Course Code: CE3105
Transcript Source: Partner Institution
Course Details: Level 300
Recommended Semester Credits: 2.5
Contact Hours: 36


This module covers: characterization and measurement of water parameters, regulations, septic tank design and on-line resources used in the planning applications, 'passive' wastewater treatment using constructed wetlands and sand filters and issues of public acceptance; wastewater and water treatment at municipal-scale, including growth and food utilization kinetics, attached and suspended culture systems.

Learning Outcomes
1.Recognise the importance of water and wastewater purification in today?s society and the role of the environmental engineer in the design, development and maintenance of treatment facilities.
2.dentify, describe and measure the main physical, chemical and biological characteristics of water, and relate their importance in terms of water quality.
3.List the natural purification processes that occur in natural systems, such as lakes, rivers and estuaries, and explain the mechanisms behind these systems such as filtration, sedimentation and gas transfer.
4.Understand the processes involved in the treatment of wastewater using septic tanks, wetlands and filters, and describe the processes involved with the submission of an application to build such systems.
5.Design individual process units such as sedimentation basins, filtration tanks and biological reactors using theoretical equations and empirical design parameters.
6.Assemble individual process units into a working water/wastewater treatment plant and assess the performance of the plant in terms of the quality of effluent in comparison with EU water/wastewater regulations.
7.Recognise the importance of ?pollution swapping? in environmental engineering and the importance of greenhouse gas emissions on design of wastewater treatment systems.

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