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Study + Internship in Seville
Spring 2021 Semester 3 Credit Part-Time Internship & UPO Hybrid

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Course Overview


ART 313E History of Spanish Art

ART 313E History of Spanish Art Course Overview


CEA Partner Institution: Pablo de Olavide University
Location: Seville, Spain
Primary Subject Area: Art History
Instruction in: English
Course Code: ART 313E
Course Details: Level 300
Recommended Semester Credits: 3
Contact Hours: 45


In this course the student will come to understand, distinguish, and enjoy the different artistic styles & periods found in Spain. The purpose of this course is to give the student an introduction to the History of Spanish Art, beginning with cave painting and ending with the 21st century; this will be accomplish by looking at painting, sculpture, and architecture. Students will learn about the influences of the different cultures that once called the Iberian Peninsula home, and that have shaped Spanish history and art. These influences are obvious within the city of Seville and its surroundings; therefore, special attention will be paid to those sites of historical and artistic influence around the city.
Although this course is not an art appreciation course, the student will learn how to appreciate art; therefore, you will not be graded on whether or not you understand, for example, Freudian thinking when applied to Surrealist artist. On the other hand, you will be expected to know that Dalí was a Surrealist painter.

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