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Course Overview


HHD 1050 Holistic Health Approaches

HHD 1050 Holistic Health Approaches Course Overview


CEA Partner Institution: Veritas University
Location: San José, Costa Rica
Primary Subject Area: Health Sciences
Instruction in: English
Course Details: Level 100
Recommended Semester Credits: 4
Contact Hours: 60
Prerequisites: It is recommended, but not mandatorily required, that students come from a college-major field related to health.


This course introduces basic concepts on holistic health, encompassing a general overview of traditional, complementary and alternative medicine (T/CAM). Its main aim is to acquaint the student with current holistic health praxis, obtaining a general panorama about a wide range of current alternative/complementary practices.

Through this course each student will have a better overview of the holistic health perspective and the efficacy of some of their practices in order to open doors for a future deepening in these subjects and open an option for inter-professional practices. Also, students will explore and evaluate different holistic approaches and philosophies in order to improve personal health and wellbeing. Moreover, students will be able to build their own comparison with their general health concepts -usually from the Western medicine (WM, also known as allopathic or conventional medicine). Some of the topics included are Homeopathy, TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), Acupuncture, Herbal and Nutritional Therapies, Massage, Chiropractic, Electromagnetic Therapy, Breathing, and Energy, among others.

This is one of the main courses of the CIPSS´s Health and Psychology area, its nature is theoretical and demonstrative, and it seeks to clarify the following question: How to apply critical thinking regarding the options of integration between T/CAM and WM as a member of an interdisciplinary team?

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