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BUSI 4201 The European Union Studio Art, Printmaking & Fashion Design Program Fall 2021 Semester SRISA Only - Florence

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BUSI 4201 The European Union

BUS 497 The European Union Course Overview


CEA Partner Institution: Santa Reparata International School of Art
Location: Florence, Italy
Primary Subject Area: Business
Instruction in: English
Course Code: BUS 497 / BUSI 4201
Course Details: Level 400
Recommended Semester Credits: 3
Contact Hours: 45
Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites for this course, but a general knowledge of world history as well as a high interest into European history, political economy and political science is strongly recommended.


The European Union (UE in Italian) is not an Intergovernmental Organization like the UN, nor a Federation of States like the USA. The EU is a Super-National Organism to whom the National States delegate some of their powers.

It is not easy to understand the EU and its complex administrative structure, but it is fundamental if one wants to understand the Continent and Italy in particular.After WWII Europe was devastated by the biggest conflict ever seen and two big European countries were responsible for the disaster: Germany and Italy. WWII involved the whole planet, but it was mostly a war provoked by Europe and against Europe. That's why in 1957 the Prime Ministers of West Germany, Italy, France, Holland, Belgium and Luxemburg met in Rome and signed the treaties that would give birth to the Economic European Community, the mother of the EU. Already in 1950 in Paris, the French Minister Robert Schuman, had held a speech in which he wished a Continent with no more wars, in peace, economically united and where all the citizens could travel freely.

Today we have realized part of that dream. Europe is a peaceful continent with no barriers, no customs and a common currency. Is that enough? Is this what the fathers of Europe wanted for future generations? And what is the role of Europe in our modern, globalized world? This course will try to answer all these questions by going back to the origins of Europe, but by placing particular focus on the present.

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