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Liberal Arts, Business & Sciences
Spring 2017 Semester Alicante

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Course Overview


Advanced Tools for Application Development

Advanced Tools for Application Development Course Overview


CEA Partner Institution: University of Alicante
Location: Alicante, Spain
Primary Subject Area: Computer Engineering
Instruction in: English
Course Details: Level 200
Recommended Semester Credits: 3
Contact Hours: 60
Prerequisites: Students have already done the subjects of the first course (P1, P2) that explain the basics of programming. The concepts explained in the subject 'Fundamentos de las Bases de Datos' are also needed to have the knowledge in order to connect the project with a database. In the second course P3 explains the concepts needed to understand the object oriented programming paradigm, and the subject 'Diseño de bases de datos'.


This subject helps the student to develop 'desktop' and 'web' applications in a simple and efficient way. It is divided in two parts. In the development of desktop applications the student learns general programming concepts and the use of tools news for the student for being used also in the web development and in other subjects.

In the development of Web applications the student learns how to plan and organize projects, since the students have to work on a group assignment that also helps to understand the importance of effective working techniques, negotiating with the others members of the group and communication and leadership abilities. The students will apply the teoretical concepts explained: designing a Web application in a efficient way using libraries for their reuse, connecting the application with a database and using a control version system.

Course will consist of 60hrs of in class work and 90 hrs of independent work outside the classroom.

Course includes computer practicals.

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