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Liberal Arts & Social Sciences
2021/2022 Year Barcelona

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Course Overview


Entrepreneurial Finance

Entrepreneurial Finance Course Overview


CEA Partner Institution: CEA Barcelona Center
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Primary Subject Area: Finance
Instruction in: English
Course Code: FIN340BCN
Course Details: Level 300
Recommended Semester Credits: 3
Contact Hours: 45
Prerequisites: Students must have completed prior coursework in Financial Accounting or Finance, and Entrepreneurship.


This course focuses on how to check if your business idea can be profitable. You will analyze different cases selected to give you practical knowledge that will be immediately helpful if you plan to run your own business or you want to improve your decision-making as financial investor.

In the first part of the course you will be familiarized with essential entrepreneurial, accounting, and finance concepts; which will include identifying entrepreneurial opportunities, evaluating the market, deciding the sources of finance; and analyzing different types of business entity.

In the second part of the course you will create and test your business idea. Furthermore, you will focus on the financial section of your business plan and learn how to use a variety of financial management tools to evaluate the firm?s performance.

Furthermore, you will work on a hypothetical new venture project and build a financial plan to test it. The aim of this course is to sharpen your skills in all of the activities associated with entrepreneurial finance, including identifying attractive business opportunities, estimating the resources necessary to undertake these opportunities, and prudently managing them in pursuit of the opportunity. It will increase your capacity to create new ventures and it will help you to understand the complexities and purpose of analyzing a business idea.

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