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Physics II with Lab Engineering Program Summer 2023 June 6-Week ITBA Only - Buenos Aires

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Physics II with Lab

Physics II with Lab Course Overview


CEA Partner Institution: Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Primary Subject Area: Physics
Instruction in: English
Course Details: Level 200
Recommended Semester Credits: 5
Contact Hours: 75


This subject of the Physics department is taught in the second year of the basic cycle of all ITBA engineering careers. This is an elementary physics course in which contents related to oscillations, waves and optics are presented, in which basic conceptual schemes of physics are handled, such as those of particle, wave, energy, among others. In addition, students will gain understanding of the nature of light as one of the axes of the development of science from the time of classical Greece to the present day.
The main purpose is to present a course that vigorously underlines the main physical foundations and optical phenomena and how they formulate the various physical models that explain them, their underlying hypotheses and the limits for their application, which serve as a basis for subsequent courses in this discipline, as well as others that relate to them. It is designed for students with basic knowledge of an initial course of calculus and vector algebra, so the topics are presented based on these mathematical requirements, such as the calculation of derivatives and elementary integrals, operations with vectors, scalar product and vector product.
Since this is an introductory course for several majors, the didactic aspects are especially taken into account, in such a way to gradually reinforce in the student the ability to model and conceptualize complex phenomena, a situation that is increasingly needed in the development of the professional activity of an engineer. Along the same lines, the bibliography provided provides the possibility of access to many copies in the university library, as well as additional material through the internet. We understand that this type of course is fundamental for the understanding of concepts that will be worked on and deepened in future instances of the training, together with the corresponding mathematical tools.

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