What You Get

Expect a lot of perks when you study abroad with CEA. From housing to excursions, our inclusions make studying abroad easy!

Here's what you get when you study abroad with CEA in Prague:

  • Personalized Pre-Departure Advising
  • Visa & Immigration Advising
  • Financial Advising
  • Tuition and Registration
  • Airport Pick-up
  • On-site Orientation
  • City Tour
  • On-site Staff Support
  • 24/7 Emergency Assistance
  • Travel Medical Insurance
  • Generali Global Assistance Travel Support
  • Welcome & Farewell Events
  • Centrally Located Housing
  • Wellness Activities
  • Cultural Engagement
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Excursions
  • Student Clubs & Organizations
  • Host Institution Services & Amenities
  • Career & Re-entry Workshop
  • Official Transcript(s)
  • Transportation Tickets Provided for Orientation

Housing Options

Our carefully chosen housing options enhance your experience abroad by allowing you to live like a local. While we do attempt to match your preferences with our housing options, housing preference requests cannot be guaranteed. Housing and roommate assignments are first-come, first-serve based on availability; apply early to help us organize your housing arrangements.


CEA Prague students enjoy city-living apartments as a standard housing option. Apartments are a perfect fit for the student who wants to experience Prague like a local. Fully furnished with modern amenities, apartments are conveniently located near local shops and services. Apartments are close to the city center and offer easy access to Anglo-American University and the CEA Prague Center.


  • CEA Prague Center: 20-45 minutes by public transportation & walking
  • Anglo-American University: 20-45 minutes by public transportation & walking




  • 2-3 students per room
  • 2-6 students per apartment

Unit Amenities

  • Shared full kitchen
  • Shared bathroom
  • 1 set of bed linens included
  • Internet access
  • Washer Only
  • Central heating

Apartment – Single Options


City-living apartments are a perfect fit for the student who wants to experience Prague like a local. Apartments are fully furnished, offer modern amenities, and are conveniently located near local shops and services. Close to the city center, apartments also offer easy access to Anglo-American University and the CEA Prague Center.

Students may either be placed in a single bedroom within a shared apartment OR in a single bedroom within apartment with only single bedrooms. Each apartment will have an equipped kitchen, living room, and bathroom.

Please note, there is a limited amount of single options apartments. If roommate requests are provided, priority will be given to that request first over the specific housing type request. Please use the comments section of the Housing Preference Form, if there are additional considerations.


  • CEA Prague Center: 20-45 minutes by public transportation & walking
  • Anglo-American University: 20-45 minutes by public transportation & walking




  • 1 student per room (2-5 students per apartment) 

Unit Amenities

  • Shared full kitchen
  • Shared bathroom
  • 1 set of bed linens included
  • Internet access
  • Washer Only
  • Central heating


  • Summer: $400 - $800
  • Semester: $650 - $1,000

Independent Living


While CEA recommends that you choose one of our Prague housing options, you may opt to arrange independent housing. If your ideal housing scenario includes a more independent living situation with specific criteria – such as many roommates, location, décor, size, etc. – then independent housing might be the best option for you. Unfortunately, CEA cannot guarantee housing preferences.

Use the online housing application form to request permission for this option no later than the application closure date. You will receive a rebate for your CEA housing payment if and when your request is approved. Rebates are not granted to students who move out of their CEA housing or who pursue independent living arrangements after the application closure date. Keep in mind, CEA will not provide you with any assistance setting up independent housing.








Get out and explore! Excursions are offered for most semester, year, and summer programs*. Semester students are typically offered three excursions and summer students are typically offered two excursions. You’ll receive a calendar of excursions during orientation; here are a few day and overnight excursions we’ve offered in the past.

*In an effort to offer lower-cost internship options and support you in maximizing your professional development in a condensed timeframe, summer internship programs do not include excursions.

Český Krumlov

Join us on an overnight trip to Český Krumlov, a UNESCO World Heritage Site on the banks of the Vltava River. One of the most popular destinations in the Czech Republic, Český Krumlov is an outstanding example of a Central European medieval town with an architectural heritage more than 500 years old. It’s easy to see the influence of several different cultures—Czech, Austrian, Bavarian, and Northern Italian—on this charming town near the Austrian border. Encircled by a bend in the river, the town features a 13th-century castle with Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque elements. During this two-day, one-night trip, we also hike through a nearby forest to a ruined castle, forming a contrast with the perfectly maintained, picturesque center of Český Krumlov, and provide you with free time to explore on your own.

Karlovy Vary

On this day trip, you’ll explore Karlovy Vary, the Czech Republic’s largest, most famous spa city. For centuries, Europeans have gone to spas for rehabilitation, usually staying for a month or two in a naturally beautiful location. Doctors today still prescribe spa stays as treatment. Situated in western Bohemia west of Prague, Karlovy Vary offers more than 300 hot springs and the warm-water Teplá river. Legend says that the town’s thermal springs were accidentally discovered in 1370 by the Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV. In the 16th century, the spa enjoyed the favor of many noble families and wealthy townsmen; by the 19th century, it was a popular destination for celebrities like Beethoven and Goethe. Today, the city draws movie stars and fans who gather for the annual summer International Film Festival. You may recognize Karlovy Vary as the location for a number of films, including Casino Royale.


Spend a day exploring Terezín, an 18th-century fortress that was used as a concentration camp by the Germans during World War II. Terezín is a little-known but interesting example of the network of concentration camps in operation during that time. Most famous for its history as a gruesome prison, Terezín was a transit camp for Jews and other prisoners of the Nazis; most of those coming from the Czech lands who died in camps further to the west, such as Auschwitz-Birkenau, came through Terezín. Though the camp was used by the Germans for propaganda during the war—even managing to get the Red Cross to agree that the camps were not inhumane— the vast majority of those who went through Terezín did not survive. Inmates in Terezín are known for keeping cultural and artistic life alive and striving to make life as normal as possible for the children present. The on-site memorial details these efforts and illustrates Terezín’s terrible but enlightening history. Visiting such a site is an important historical and cultural experience during your study abroad stay in Central Europe.

Kutná Hora

Imagine you’re standing in one of the world’s most important financial centers, a place that sits squarely in the middle of a global trade network and provides an entire region with its common currency of exchange. Where are you? London in 1844? New York in 1964? No, you’re in Kutná Hora in the 14th century. Larger than London at that time, Kutná Hora was the economic and geographic center of a trade network that spanned Europe and reached across the spice routes to the Middle and Far East. The silver deposits mined in Kutná Hora were minted into a currency called groschen (a later currency from the region, the tolar, was the origin of the word “dollar”). On this day trip to Kutná Hora, you’ll explore this beautiful, well-preserved medieval town, now protected as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Don a traditional white miner’s uniform to tour the old silver mines, visit the gothic-style Church of Saint Barbara with its flying buttresses, and see the nearby “bone church,” the 19th century Sedlec Ossuary decorated with elaborate arrangements of the bones of thousands of victims of the Black Death and Hussite religious wars.

Cultural Engagement

Take advantage of the unique flavors of Prague! CEA offers a variety of cultural activities to match your interests; whether you enjoy music, history, sports, cooking, etc., our resident staff can help you get involved in local culture. To help you plan, you’ll receive a calendar with CEA trips and activities, along with an AICAP (Academics Integrated Cultural Activities Program) booklet with descriptions of the activities on offer during your study abroad program. All activities listed are included in program costs; sign up during your first week on-site. Here are just a few examples:

Hike in Průhonice Botanical Gardens

Explore colorful plants and flowers in this gorgeous natural park, founded in 1885 by Count Silva-Tarouca. While at the gardens, you can also visit the romantic Průhonice Château, a serene setting that’s famous for weddings, receptions, and exhibitions.

Sports: Ice Hockey or Soccer Match

Experience a real European soccer or ice hockey match and see why Czechs go a little crazy during tournament season! It may have taken the Czech Hockey Team 40 years to become world champions—and 90 to win Olympic gold—but few doubt the Czechs’ place in the world of hockey today.

Strahov Monastery and Brewery Tour

Tour one of the world’s oldest monasteries of the Premontratensian Order. This ancient monastery has survived historical threats, religious wars, and communism – and it also produces some pretty good beer. During this excursion, you’ll visit the monastic brewery and taste St. Norbert beer, a local favorite.

Creative Jewelry Workshop

Learn the tricks of the trade in this creative jewelry-making workshop, including hands-on techniques and how to choose the right equipment to use to achieve different effects. We’ll show you how to make bracelets, earrings, rings, bangles, brooches, and bows. Each item you create will express your own personal style!

Prague Jewish Tour

Few European cites can boast a better preserved Jewish ghetto than Prague: Six synagogues, the 18th century Jewish Town Hall, and the 15th century Old Jewish cemetery, all in the Jewish Quarter Josefov, birthplace of Franz Kafka. The visit will provide you with an insight into another piece of the mosaic of Jewish history and its influential role in Prague’s development.

Nuclear Bomb Shelter

In the middle of the colorful Žižkov district lies Parukářka Park, a green oasis in the city. Just underneath lurks a footprint of the Cold War, a secret bunker built by communists during the 1950s to offer shelter in a nuclear bomb attack. Take a guided tour of the equipment, technical machine rooms, and tunnel system that lie beneath the park. It’s a great way to get a first-hand glimpse into the historical and political events that shaped the fate of Prague, Czechoslovakia, and the former Eastern bloc.

Cultural Events

Prague is a vibrant cultural center that offers an abundance of art, ballet, musical, and theater performances each day. Every semester, our students attend exquisite cultural activities such as opera, ballets, and classical concerts; in recent terms, students have had a chance to see Swan Lake, Ballettissimo, Shakespeare plays, the famous Czech opera “The Bartered Bride,” and an organ concert at St. Nicholas Church.

Other Opportunities

iMove with CEA

Stay fit and healthy abroad by taking part in our weekly Personal Trainer or Indoor Rock Climbing sessions.

iShare Volunteer Program

Share your time, knowledge, and skills within our local community by joining our volunteer program. Provide support in an academic environment in the areas of teaching, writing, and English, or participate in the local media by acting as a correspondent or photographer.

CEA-AAU Buddy System

Participate in a peer program where you’ll meet fellow AAU students and learn about local culture and Prague from a peer.

CEA Photo Contest

Reflect on your study abroad experience in Prague in a visual way. Participate in the contest for a chance to have your photographs displayed in the CEA Prague Center.

AICAP (Academic-Integrated Cultural Activity Program)

AICAP helps you integrate CEA’s cultural engagement offerings with the subjects you study in class. We select and design cultural activities that correlate subjects explored through formal academic instruction, with experiences you encounter outside of the classroom. AICAP moves and motivates you not only by listening, but by action, as you watch, speak, and do.

Mobile Journalist Program

Want to build your digital portfolio while you study abroad? Join the Mobile Journalist (MOJO) program! You’ll blog, photograph, and video your experience abroad, then share them on social media.

Alumni Ambassador Program

Your study abroad adventure doesn’t have to end when your program is over. Keep sharing your study abroad love on your home campus…become an Alumni Ambassador! This internship allows you to help other students on their study abroad journeys while gaining work experience and growing your professional network.

What Our Student Said

Helpful and Caring Staff
Wonderful staff, great locations, fun activities, excursions to other locations, and EXTREMELY helpful and caring!

Mackenzie Phillips
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee,
Fall 2015, prague

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