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A Weekend in Wales

For CEA London students every year, the Wales trip is one of the most anticipated trips planned for our program., Tinturn Abbey Travel can induce a lot of stress when getting to and from a place and also seeing everything that you want to in such a short weekend trip which is what usually ends up happening when studying abroad., It was one of the most relieving experiences after going on so many trips by myself., A Weekend in Wales

A Weekend in Nicaragua

With multiple bus lines in San José offering trips to Nicaragua, I chose TicaBus, and for about $55, rode to Granada., Nicaragua has a lot to offer, but I opted for a low key weekend in the city just exploring and not planning too much., So if you’re thinking of taking a weekend trip out of Costa Rica, I would definitely recommend spending a few days in Nicaragua and taking in the culture, getting to know the people, all on the cheap., A Weekend in Nicaragua

Different Weekend; Different Country

What I didn’t realize was how hard it was going to be to narrow down where to go each weekend!, So I decided to make future study abroad students lives a little easier with a few tips that I found came in handy when choosing weekend getaways!, You want to make the most out of your 72 hour trips!, Take Advantage of the CEA Trips CEA has an amazing program where you can go on a weekend trip for FREE (yes, free) and they are unbelievable., These trips allow you to get closer with the people you'll see every day in your classes while also having an amazing time in another place other than where you’re living!, Different Weekend; Different Country

A Weekend in York

The trip to York, England was a highlight of all the CEA trips., There was a Medieval festival that weekend, so many people were dressed in full medieval outfits., This place was truly a wonderful end to a great weekend of English history., A Weekend in York

Croatia: Prague’s Weekend Getaway

So I decided to delve deeper into Czech roots, and spend a weekend in Prague’s most popular destinations., Hvar has everything you need for an unforgettable weekend: rafting, Croatia’s national waterfall park, guided trips, and scenic resorts, just to name a few suggestions, but there is so much more to Hvar and Croatia than can be noted in words., Over the course of the weekend, we decided to rent our own boat, discover unexplored islands , go on an above water submarine, and swim in the crystal, blue Adriatic Sea., So if you find yourself looking for weekend getaways don’t consider going, GO!, Croatia: Prague’s Weekend Getaway

A Weekend in Krakow, Poland

Krakow's Wawel Castle One of the perks of studying abroad through CEA are the planned excursion trips offered as part of my program., This last weekend, I went along with 80 kids also studying in Prague and ventured to Krakow, Poland for a few days., Here's some of the highlights from a weekend spent in one of my favorite destinations in Europe thus far: Krakow's Old Town Square The streets of Krakow's old town Traditional Czech dumplings After a morning tour around Krakow's historial sights, we were free for the afternoon to grab lunch and do some shopping around Krakow's picturesque Old Town Square., The streets of Kazimierz feature a weekend swap meet where locals come to exchange goods, along with coffee shops and restaurants with traditional Jewish food., A Weekend in Krakow, Poland

Seville to Morocco Weekend Adventure

Ever consider boating on over to Africa for the weekend?, Living in Spain, weekend trips like this are easily accessible!, CEA study abroad program in Seville takes students on an unforgettable weekend trip to multiple cities in Morocco., Seville to Morocco Weekend Adventure

6 Tips for Weekend Adventures

These trips are always an adventure, and I learn more and more everywhere I go., As fun as it is to just figure it out along the way, you need to have some sort of plan for the weekend., Loved hiking the La Paz Waterfall Gardens with CEA last weekend., 6 Tips for Weekend Adventures

People, Places & a Weekend in Provence

That is all the time it took for us to become best friends. 19 students, 1 program director and a whole weekend ahead of us, we set off on a CEA excursion., We were ready for a weekend away in Provence, but none of us could have imagined all the activities we would fit into the span of 2 days., The bus ride back consisted of “studying” (aka attempting to after a tiring weekend) and sleeping., Weekend trips with CEA really prove how close of friends and almost a big family we have become within the CEA group., ;) For a quick recap of the full weekend, click the link here: Cici Holmquist is the Fall 2015 MOJO Blogger in the French Riviera., People, Places & a Weekend in Provence

9 Packing Saviors for Your Weekend Trips

Now that I've been in Europe for almost an entire semester, I've learned what I need and what I don't need when it comes to packing for a weekend., Here are a few packing saviors that will come in handy for any weekend getaway!, 9 Packing Saviors for Your Weekend Trips

Ready, Set, Explore! Weekend Travel While Abroad

We're positive you Springsters are probably staying in touch with your friends who are currently abroad, sure to jot down any trips they suggest you go on, restaurants they urge you to eat at, museums they beg you to visit, etc., In predominantly Catholic locales, it's not uncommon for the entire city to close up for a three-day weekend in observance of a religious holiday., Do yourself, and Mom, a favor and leave word with multiple people the details of your trip – even if just for the weekend., Visit the various neighborhoods, districts, suburbs, regions, etc. around your host city for a day or the weekend., Wherever your travel radius falls, weekend travel while abroad sparks profound personal growth and thoroughly enhances your experience., Weekend Travel While Abroad!-weekend-travel-while-abroad

How to Plan the Perfect Weekend Trips While Abroad

Before my time here studying abroad in Berlin, I would scroll through the Instagram’s of students who were in the position I am in now, and see that they were in a different country every single weekend., Planning trips can get stressful at times, but I am here to give you some tips on how to plan a successful weekend trip., Who to Travel With At the beginning of your study abroad journey, you will most likely be overwhelmed and want to get all of your trips planned ASAP., A travel towel is another must for me while going on trips., How to Plan the Perfect Weekend Trips While Abroad

7 Steps to Planning the Perfect Weekend Excursion

A weekend might not seem like much time to explore a new place, but if I could ski the Swiss (and Italian) Alps in a weekend, then you can, too!, While it might seem excessive (I am the unofficial “mom” on trips, if you haven’t guessed that), I also like to have the addresses of the US and British Embassy in case of a serious emergency., If you are prepared, you will have an incredible weekend, even if there are small snafus., 7 Steps to Planning the Perfect Weekend Excursion

5 Tips for Planning Weekend Travel While Studying Abroad

Top 5 Tips for Planning Weekend Travel While Studying Abroad Deciding to study or intern abroad with CEA in Europe (and other places like Africa, Australia, and Latin America) means one major aspect: weekend traveling., You also don’t need to pack a lot for weekend trips., I track everything I spend throughout the trip and it helps to know where you are spending the most and how to spend less for future trips., It is definitely possibly to travel for very cheap, so just try to do some research and planning to save money in the future. 5) Schedule weekend trips within your host country!, 5 Tips for Planning Weekend Travel While Studying Abroad

Vamanos a Barcelona, Spain : An Amazing, Last Minute Weekend Trip

Maybe you take casual trips to go see one of Spain’s most famous cities on a weekend in college, but I never have!, Our last minute weekend trip was especially great for one reason: we had a local’s perspective on what is the best to see in the town., As it turns out, this Spanish woman was from Barcelona, and was so excited that we were spending the weekend there., She wrote down exactly how we should use our time that weekend, and in her favorite order!, So, flying home, we were able to look back at our amazing weekend in Barcelona, getting to see Parque Güell, La Catedral de Barcelona, the local (enormous) open-air market, the Sagrada Familia, Casa Mila (designed by the local architect Gaudí), dozens of beautiful streets, delicious tapas, melt-in-your-mouth pastries, local tapas restaurants, and we even got to touch the Mediterranean Sea for the first time., Vamanos a Barcelona, Spain : An Amazing, Last Minute Weekend Trip

Tips for Study Abroad Side Trips

And, when you get home, you get to share all you did with your friends and see the cool things they did on their weekend!, The trips I took alone were some of the best of my whole time abroad., Your backpack is your friend Once I began packing for my first weekend trip abroad to visit my friend, I knew that I had made a mistake., If I could study abroad again, the one thing I would change is that I would bring a backpack that could function as a weekend bag., Tips for Study Abroad Side Trips

Exploring Ireland: My Three Favorite CEA Trips

The end of our time here also means we no longer have any trips to go on as a crew, but we do have memories that will follow us through the rest of our lives., We took our final weekend getaway to this town in County Kerry in late March, and we even had personal transport along the way., I wouldn’t trade the opportunities I’ve had through CEA for the world (but possibly for just one more weekend in Dingle!)., This weekend trip was not only one of the best experiences of my time abroad, but of my life., I won a small art print of the Dingle Peninsula, which I will cherish forever––just like these trips., Exploring Ireland: My Three Favorite CEA Trips

3 Easy Trips To Take If You're Studying In Buenos Aires

Here are a few I picked out that are great weekend trips!, 3 Easy Trips To Take If You're Studying In Buenos Aires're-studying-in-buenos-aires
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