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Walking Tour of Prague

This walking tour of Prague portrays what the journey is like studying abroad in Prague, not just getting around the city, but also how it feels to experience its endless beauty., PRAGUE Fall 2018 Walking Tour, Walking Tour of Prague

Paris Walking Tour

Disclaimer: This walking tour is only scratches the surface of Paris., In no way should the reader consider this tour to be comprehensive., The Bastille monument, right between the 11th and 12th arrondisements, is the perfect place to begin a walking tour of Paris., Walking through the Cathedral is quick, free, and completely worth it: the stained glass is beautiful and the sheer dimensions of the structure are amazing., As you stroll along the Left Bank of Seine, stop to check out a few of the small stands that offer everything from picturesque artwork to touristy souvenirs to great works of literature., Paris Walking Tour

A Walking Tour of Madrid

Join me and a few friends on a walking tour through Madrid!, A Walking Tour of Madrid

La Révolution: Walking through History

(a walking tour composed of different stops in the city)., Our tour guide led us through the historical streets of Paris, where one can still catch a glimpse into the past and see remnants of the French Revolution., Our tour ended on the Pont des Arts (yes, the famous love lock bridge that is no more because of its harm to the bridge structure and the water quality of the Seine)., La Révolution: Walking through Historyévolution-walking-through-history

Walking Tour of Dublin

Walking and public transportation is the main way to get around, and here's a typical day for me walking, traveling, and having a great time studying abroad in Dublin!, Walking Tour of Dublin

Walking Tour of Prague

Walking 5 minutes in any direction in Prague (or hopping on the super efficient public transportation trams or metro) means finding a new café, art installation or historical site to check out., Studying abroad in Prague has the feel of a big city, but almost everything is within walking distance., Walking Tour of Prague

Alexander Fleming and Old Street Walking Tour

In this video, I give a tour of the Alexander Fleming Halls of Residence, as well as a few of the local stores surrounding it that are an essential part of everyday living in this area., Alexander Fleming and Old Street Walking Tour

Groovin' Through Galway: City Walking Tour

Our CEA MOJO Kelsey grooves down these paths to give you a walking tour from campus to the bay., Groovin' Through Galway: City Walking Tour'-through-galway-city-walking-tour

A Walking Tour Around Antibes, France

If you continue walking, you will reach the Picasso museum which is the perfect place to get your fix of cubism., A Walking Tour Around Antibes, France

CEA Walking and Bus Tour of London, England

To introduce all of the CEA study abroad students to London, CEA provided us with a walking tour of the city's most famous areas, and then a bus tour which allowed us to see even more of London!, On our city bus tour, we got a quick photo stop at the King Albert memorial in Kensington Gardens., Our tour guide told us that when the queen is there, the royal flag flies from the palace's top., CEA Walking and Bus Tour of London, England

Apartment Tour: CEA French Alps

A walking tour of our apartment in Grenoble., Apartment Tour: CEA French Alps

Who doesn't love a personal trip planner and tour guide?

On our first day in Valencia we did walking and bus tours of the city that CEA organized., The second day we did a guided tour of the IVAM Museum, which is the modern art museum., During our guided tour of Valencia, we were able to see the amazing architecture., Winery & Sitges Modernista Another fun excursion I did through CEA was the tour of a winery called Eudald Massana Noya and then a tour of the city of Sitges., CEA set up a walking tour of the city with a fun tour guide., Who doesn't love a personal trip planner and tour guide?'t-love-a-personal-trip-planner-and-tour-guide

An Architectural Tour of Seville

Well, considering I have reached the halfway point of my study here in Seville, Spain, I think it's about time I give a little tour of the wonderful city that I have called home for the last two months., Stained glass windows are also a main characteristic of Gothic style - they are used all around the outside and inside of the cathedral to create a sense that a person is walking into paradise., If you continue walking, you will encounter the second courtyard - El Patio de Las Muñecas (The Courtyard of the Dolls)., An Architectural Tour of Seville

Annie's Cove: A Video Tour Through a South African Flat

The flats are small and minimalistic; but they are within walking distance to school and a nearby grocery store, located near a drop off/pick up shuttle spot, and there is a great community of students at Annie's., Here is a quick little tour through the flat, enjoy!, Watch this video on CEA's YouTube channel: I really hoped you enjoyed the little tour of my flat!, Annie's Cove: A Video Tour Through a South African Flat's-cove-a-video-tour-through-a-south-african-flat

Acting Like a Tourist; Living Like a Local

By now, my jet lag has dissipated and my roommates and I have taken advantage of our first week to go ahead and get all the touristy sightseeing out of the way., There were so many tourists, with me looking like the biggest one., Whether you’re walking to class, or going out at night, you have to bundle up before walking outside., Acting Like a Tourist; Living Like a Local

How to "be a Traveler, not a Tourist"

This weekend I felt confident enough to fly solo to the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia with the intention of acting like a traveler, and not a tourist., But now that I've had a few weekends of experience and a couple mishaps between all the buses, metros, ferries, and flights under my belt, here's a few tips that I've picked up on how to travel outside your host city while studying abroad: Walking along the river to our hostel in Berlin 1., By cutting costs when I can, I'm able to budget a little better when I want to pay for a walking tour or something like that. 5., How to "be a Traveler, not a Tourist"

Highlights On Foot

Walking around Barcelona is always full of beautiful sights., Here are some highlights from my early walking adventures in the city that include Park Guell, Gracia neighborhood and cafes, Gothic Quarter, La Boqueria, plazas throughout the city, and more., Enjoy the walking tour!
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