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5 Reasons to Move to Seville, Spain

Living in Seville is one of the best places in the word (literally) to live. Here are five definitive reasons to study or intern abroad in Seville, Spain.

Educational Distinction

Seville is home to three different public universities, plus the CEA Seville Center. The main university, University of Seville, was originally an old tobacco factory and one of the top ranked universities in the country. Another university is just a quick metro ride away to Pablo de Olavide University, a home to about 15,000 students. The last university is the International University of Andalusia which promotes the use of technology and virtual learning.

 Plaza de España; where Star Wars ll: Attack of the Clones and Lawrence of Arabia were filmed.

Significant Film City

On one of my first days of moving to this new city my friends and I took a bike tour all around the city. We started in Parque Maria Luisa which was filled with blossoming orange trees and breathtaking architecture. One of the main focal points of the park is Plaza de España, a huge half-circle building surrounded by a moat. This particular spot was where scenes from Star Wars Episodell: Attack of the Clones and Lawrence of Arabia were filmed. There is also another beautiful location in Seville called The Alcazar which is a castle in the middle of the city. Recently, it was used in Game of Thrones as the palace and kingdom of Dorne. Maybe when you move to Seville you’ll get the opportunity to be in a movie!

 A little sangria pairs nicely with any kind of tapas!

Tapas for the Win

When it comes to food, Seville does it right. Without a doubt you will learn how vital tapas are to the culture. Those small, delicious dishes are a way of life. Typical tapas include anything from vegetables, potatoes, seafood or the favorite, Iberian ham. The best time of the day to get tapas is during the late afternoon when most people are napping or at work. You can also find the best tapas restaurants around the Cathedral or in the heart of the city in the less touristy parts of town. Tapas for the win because you won't find more delicious food for such an inexpensive price.

Annual Festivals

I studied abroad during the Spring semester which is when Seville’s Holy Week takes place. It’s formally known as Semana Santa and it is a week-long celebration that leads up to Easter. During this festival the streets are filled with processions of floats that depict various scenes from the Bible. The processions rely exclusively on the brotherhoods of the various churches in town. About a month later is another week-long festival in Seville called Feria de Abril. This festival is to celebrate the great city of Seville by hosting a fair filled with lots of tents, costumes, dancing and amusement rides. When you move to Seville, you'll get to experience the rich history the culture has to offer!

 A glimpse at Feria de Abril

NO8DO symbol

As you walk around Seville it’s hard not to notice the symbol “NO8DO” almost everywhere. It’s imprinted on the potholes in the ground, it’s labeled on the city’s transportation, and it’s plastered all over the city. The symbol originates from the 13th century coat of arms that was granted to Seville by King Alfonso X. In the short version the symbol means, “it (the city) has not abandoned me.” And when you move to Seville, it won’t abandon you either. You're bound to fall in love with the incredible opportunities the city has to offer.

Kate B. is a CEA alumni.Shestudied abroad in Seville in the Spring of 2016 and is currently asenior at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse.

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