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From the Beginning: Life in Granada, Spain

These five photos, which I took soon after arriving in Spain, capture some of my first impressions and experiences. Granada has many cultural influences. Just when I thought I knew the city inside-and-out, I would stumble upon a new area.
 The bottom-left photo is from a door in the Albayzín, with part of a garden behind it

The Casa Museo de Max Moreau was one of those instances, where you can see an amazing rooftop view of the Alhambra and some pomegranate and orange trees.
 The pomegranate statues look over Granada, with the Sierra Nevada mountains in the distance.

The two pomegranate statues represent the city of Granada, since the word "granada" is Spanish for pomegranate. After living in the city for a couple weeks, you'll start to notice pomegranates all around the city. The museum is located in Granada's Arabic district, which is called the Albayzín. The architecture and gardens here are gorgeous and different from the apartments found in the town center.
 Many historical buildings are found on this hillside, including an old inn.

There are also many statues and fountains in Granada and the statue pictured is located in one of my favorite parts of the city. I love seeing the hillside greenery and historical buildings here. If you're studying abroad in Granada or are going to in the future, I recommend seeing the cathedral as the sun is setting. It puts the familiar but powerful church in a new light (no pun intended) and it's breathtaking.
 Tea shops and small local shops are located around the cathedral.
 This picture was taken near the Mirador de San Nicolas, which is known
for its view of the Alhambra (Photo Credit: Anna Groeling).

The colorful streamers, as seen in the middle picture, are also very popular during the warmer months. I loved seeing the string of colors when I stumbled upon this festival. The decorations add even more character to the quaint Spanish streets and lively plazas.

Anna Groeling is the Fall 2015 CEA MOJO Photographer in Granada, Spain. She is currently a Junior at Colorado State University.

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