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Life in Homestay: Experiencing Chilean Independence Week

Studying abroad gives you time to immerse yourself in a completely different world.  Nothing gives you more chance to do so than homestay experience. My family, provided through CEA, is the Lorca Cruz family.

 Host Mom: Xime
 Host Dad: Jorge

I have a wonderful host mom who provides everything that I need. A host dad who is funnier than the funniest person you know and three siblings who are full-grown married adults doing their own things out in different countries. Something that I love about being with a host family is that I get spoon-fed this Chilean experience and “Chilean” Culture. Many others who live on their own always complain about lack of food to eat or too lazy to cook. For me, I’m given delicious Chilean/World cuisine every day. Also I have a chance to directly hear from older Chileans about their lives in Chile.
Diez y Ocho celebration is the Chilean Independence Day that takes place in the week of 18th of September. It is celebrated throughout the entire week. It is a unique holiday where people literally do nothing but eat empanadas, meat, drink terramoto/mote con huesillo, and dance Cueca (Chilean traditional dance). Being in a host family allowed me to participate in this tradition.  And for the following 4 days of the week (18, 19, 20 and 21 of September), I did nothing but eat, drink, and dance.
 Hmmm Empanadas
(Latin American/Chilean) food
 Mote Con Huesillo ( Chilean traditional
drink made with wheat and peach)
 The whole family and friends gathered together
for the week long celebration
 Carnivores Paradise
 Choripan (Sausage and bread)
 Master Chef (Host Dad) preparing the grill.

Alex Chung is the CEA MOJO in Vina Del Mar, Chile. He is currently a Senior at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. 

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