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My Favorite Places in Prague - A CEA MOJO Perspective

Prague is an amazing city that is full of hidden treasures and beauties.  Some of my favorite memories in Prague have been the times when I simply walk through the streets, with no destination in mind.  The times when I veer from the busy streets, just getting lost on the twisting, less-traveled roads.  With the cobble stone streets and breath-taking architecture, no matter which road you are on in Prague, it will be beautiful.          

I have put together a list and description of some of my favorite places in Prague.  If you decide to study abroad in Prague or are ever just visiting, I hope that you use these as a reference.

    1. Charles Bridge (anytime before 10am):  Charles Bridge is one of the top tourist attractions in Prague, but you can dodge all the busy tourists if you get up early and head out to the bridge in the morning.  Going early in the morning gives you a chance to take amazing pictures of the bridge (and not the 100s of tourists walking on it).  The quiet time allows you to really take in everything around you.  Simply you, the bridge, and a breath-taking view of Prague.


    1. Zlatý klas Restaurant: Traditional Czech Food.  They have all of the Czech Republic’s best dishes from smažený sýr (fried cheese), to knedlíky (dumplings), to guláš (goulash).  There is a great atmosphere and you begin to feel like a true Czech.


    1. Michelské pekárny: Best. Bakery. Ever!  For being located so close to the touristy area of the Charles Bridge, their prices are extremely reasonable.  They have fresh loaves of bread, different types of sandwiches, and a huge selection and variety of bakery items that are plain, sweet, salty, cheesy, creamy, you name it, they have it!  My personal favorite is a cream filled pastry dripping with a sweet butterscotch glaze.  So delicious!


    1. CEA office:  I have to throw this one into the top five favorite places in Prague!  Mainly because it is Easter time right now and the CEA office has a HUGE bowl of Easter chocolates for us to take FOR FREE!  Can’t beat that!


    1. Petrin Hill (after a morning run):  If you enjoy running, like I do, then Petrin Hill is the ultimate running location.  Like Charles Bridge, going to Petrin Hill in the morning will alleviate all the tourist traffic.  Once you run up that steep hill (with tons of different paths and trails to choose from) and all those intense stairs, you will be able to look out and down onto the city and realize just how unbelievable the city of Prague really is.

Those are only a few of my favorite places in Prague, but Prague has many more amazing places!  The list would be endless if I wrote every cool place that I have been to thus far in Prague.  You will just have to come to Prague and see for yourself!

Jenna Kerr is the Spring 2013 CEA MOJO in Prague, Czech Republic

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