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Some tips

As my time here in London is coming to an end, I would like to share a few tips for pre and post departure.
Pack, unpack half of that, then take out another quarter. Chances are you’ll forget about that red sweater that can only be worn on cold-but-not-too-cold days. You probably won’t wear your three-inch, suede pumps. And hopefully, you’ll be out of your room enough to never need five pairs of pajama pants. All of these examples are from my own personal packing experience and as I sit in my room now, I wonder how I will manage to fit everything back into those two suitcases. Also, if you’re anything like me, you like to blend into the local culture and dress like you’ve lived there your whole life. By partially eliminating old clothes, there is new room for new, foreign, exciting ones.
Bring photos from home. Maybe even just one. At the moment you’re probably wondering how it’s possible to miss family and friends when having the best time of your life. Well, it happens and though it’s bearable, it’s comforting to gaze up at that picture of your fam once in a while.
A disposable camera. I have to thank the hipsters for this one. I personally have used four disposable cameras (along side of my digital one) for this whole trip. I only took very special pictures with them, ones that I acknowledged as super-Londony or memorable. Wait until you arrive home again to get them developed and sob over how great a time you had.
Journal, blog, and/or photograph. Yeah, everyone tells you this, but have you ever looked back at your old dairies and been shocked at how silly you were? Imagine that but as an adult in a new place. You will want to remember everything, but sadly, you probably won’t. Document everything.
Speaking of documentation, hoard tickets, receipts, anything. Not necessarily everything, but holding something that you held in front of a major landmark, museum, or concert is emotional. Oh the memories.
Travel your butt off. Nothing makes you feel cooler than booking a ticket to Prague or a hostel in Paris. Nothing feels better than hoping from country to country because it was cheap and insanely convenient. Take advantage of the inexpensive flights and closeness to other lands.
Email your mother. Or father, or sister, or friend. Go ahead, brag about your adventures. But more importantly, let them know you’re alive. Parents get worried and a sentence or two every week will keep them satisfied. Also, nothing makes you appreciate them more than being a ten hour plane ride away.
Katie Buckleitner--London Mojo

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