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It’s true, CEA Study Abroad Advisors are extremely knowledgeable about our programs and offerings. But they also can help you in other ways. Here's a very smart tip from our advisors to keep in mind while preparing to do any international travel... Store it in 'The Cloud'. If you're traveling abroad, you'll probably hear that you should make photo copies of your important information and documents like your passport, visa, and emergency contact information to save you any hassle should they become lost or stolen. And while this is sound advice, you can take it one step further by utilizing technology. Scan your documents, visa and passport and then email them to a public email address (like gmail or yahoo) or enter the information into an online service that allows you to securely stores files. It's called cloud computing, because all the data is stored over the internet and not tied to your individual computer. This is much smarter that storing all of this information on your laptop, which can be a target for theft. To make sure that all of your information is totally secure, I'd also suggest a service like to store all of your passwords for secured sites. It makes hacking into your email and other password protected sites virtually impossible, even if your computer is stolen. Of course, the best scenario is to never need your back-ups, so it's always a good idea to follow our advisors many helpful tips to have the best and safest experiences abroad.
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