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Madrid Academic Institution

Antonio de Nebrija University
Antonio de Nebrija University is recognized by the Spanish Ministry of Education as a degree granting institution of higher learning.
Available Programs
Spanish Language & Culture
Liberal Arts & Business
Antonio de Nebrija University

Antonio de Nebrija University

With an annual student population of approximately 2,800 and in international student population of 600, Antonio de Nebrija University prides itself on being "the smallest of the biggest universities in Spain." A private university founded in 1995, It is named after Antonio de Nebrija, a great humanist and the first grammarian of the Spanish language. In 1492, Nebrija presented the first ever grammar book of a romance language to Queen Isabel: Gramática de la lengua Castellana. As such, the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language is a key activity of the University and the Center of Hispanic Studies at Nebrija has been dedicated exclusively to Spanish language training since 1985.

In addition to Spanish language and Hispanic Studies, the university also offers a wide range of academic subjects taught in Spanish and English, such as Art History, Cultural Studies, Political Science, and Sociology. Courses are instructed by Antonio de Nebrija faculty through Centro de Estudios Hispánicos. Nebrija's small student population also allows for more personal teaching and specialized studies. University services available to CEA students include a university ID card, computer labs, library, campus bookstore, and cafeteria.

Classroom Information

  • International faculty from Antonio de Nebrija will teach your language courses and electives.
  • Periodic exams, homework assignments and final exams will be administered.
  • Attendance in all classes is mandatory and monitored by each professor.
  • Teaching styles in Spain can be very different from those found in the US or Canada. Be prepared to adapt to the different classroom structures and coursework expectations for your school.
  • Class size ranges between 10 and 20 students for language courses and electives. These small class sizes will enable you to receive more personalized attention from your instructors.
  • You will be in class with international students from the US, Europe, Canada and other parts of the world. Due to the superior mastery of the language required, you will not be in classes with host national students.


The Spanish grading system is based on a scale of 10, as opposed to 100 in the US system. It would be inaccurate to merely multiply a Spanish grade by 10 to find its US equivalent. Also, please keep in mind that grading varies from subject to subject. For example, in mathematics a student may receive a 10 for completing all the problems correctly, whereas in the humanities, a 7 on an essay is a very acceptable grade. Grading in Spain can be severe and grades of 9 and 10 are quite rare. In addition to listing a numeric grade for each course, transcripts from Spanish universities list a verbal grade.

Antonio de Nebrija University has released the following chart to assist US Universities in interpreting the Spanish grading scale. Per Nebrija, interpretation of the Spanish grading scale is as follows:

Spanish Verbal Grade U.S. Verbal Equivalent Spanish Number Grade U.S. Letter Equivalent
Sobresaliente Excellent 10 A+
9.5 A
9 A-
Notable Very Good 8.5 B+
8 B
7.5 B
7 B-
Aprobado Adequate/Pass 6.5 C+
6 C
5.5 C-
5 D
Suspenso Fail 0 - 4 F

Please note that this grading scale is recommended by CEA and Antonio de Nebrija University, but final credit and grade evaluation is ultimately determined by a student's home university.