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Viña del Mar Academic Institution

The University of Viňa del Mar is recognized by the Chilean Ministry of Education as a degree granting institution of higher learning.
Available Programs
Spanish Language & Latin American Culture
Advanced & Integrated Studies
Chile: Business, Language & Culture

University of Viña del Mar

Founded on November 21, 1988, University of Viña del Mar is an autonomous private institution of higher education recognized by the Chilean Ministry of Education.

The university includes schools of architecture, art and design, agricultural sciences, communications, law, education and the humanities, engineering, kinesiology, business, and technology and enrolls approximately 5,000 students per year. International students that either direct enroll in one of the university’s facilities or join the Spanish Language & Chilean Culture program offered through the university’s Department of International Relations and Outreach (DRI) come from Europe, Canada, the US, and other Latin American countries. Students from other Latin American countries join the University of Viña del Mar due to the strong reputation Chilean universities hold in South America.

Students studying with CEA at the University of Viña del Mar will spend most of their time at the Diego Portales and Rodelillo campuses. The Diego Portales campus is home to the university’s Department of International Relations and Outreach (DRI) and is only a short bus ride from the university’s main campus, Rodelillo, located in the upper part of the city of Viña del Mar. The following university services are offered at the University of Viña del Mar: Free shuttle bus services between university campuses (2), WIFI on both campuses, access to computer lab on main campus, access to university library and DRI library, access to university gym free of charge, soccer field, basketball court, 2 cafeterias (one on each campus), community volunteer and service learning options.

Although classes for study abroad students will not be held on the university’s main campus, integration with Chilean students is promoted through active cultural exchanges and volunteer programs offered through the DRI. In an effort to give Chilean students the opportunity to acquire intercultural and international knowledge and skills at their home campus, the DRI has also made a select group of courses available to both study abroad and Chilean students further encouraging exchange between these two groups.

Classroom Information

  • Chilean or other Latin American faculty from the Office of International Education and the Center for Spanish Language will teach your Spanish language courses and electives. Integrated courses will be taught by faculty at the University of Viña del Mar.
  • Periodic exams, homework assignments and final exams will be administered.
  • Attendance in classes is generally mandatory and monitored by professors.
  • Teaching styles in Chile can be very different from those found in the US or Canada. Be prepared to adapt to the different classroom structures and coursework expectations for your school.
  • Class size ranges between 5 and 15 students for Spanish language courses, and between 10 and 150 students for integrated courses.
  • You will be in class with CEA participants, other international students and, for integrated courses, Chilean students.


The Chilean grading system is based on a scale of 7, as opposed to 100 in the US system. It would be inaccurate to merely multiply a Chilean grade by 7 to find its US equivalent. Please keep in mind that grading varies from subject to subject. For example, in mathematics a student may receive a 7 for completing all the problems correctly, whereas in the humanities, a 5 on an essay is a very acceptable grade. Grading in Chile is rather severe, and depending on the subject, a 6 can be considered an excellent grade. Yet in other circumstances, a 5 is considered exceptional. Grades of 6 and above are quite rare although grading in Spanish language courses may be a bit less stringent.

Interpretation of the Chilean verbal grading scale is as follows:

Chilean Number Grade US Percentage US Letter Grade
6.7 - 7.0
Below 3.7

* Please note that this grading scale is recommended by CEA and the University of Viña del Mar, but that final credit and grade evaluation is ultimately determined by a student’s home university.