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2019 AIEA Annual Conference

Go Global. Stay Local.
NEW Summer & Fall 2020 Virtual Internships
and Study Programs are now available

CEA is proud to announce our new series of Summer and Fall Virtual Internship and Study programs. Students can now achieve their goal of expanding their global perspective from home. For more information about these new innovative program opportunities, follow the link below.

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2019 AIEA Annual Conference


January 20 - 23, 2019

We Are At

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San Francisco Marriott Marquis | San Francisco, California, USA

2019 AIEA Annual Conference Highlights

The 2019 AIEA Annual Conference theme is “What’s Next? Possibilities and Probabilities in the Future of International Higher Education.” Register for access to over 100 sessions and roundtable discussions, eight pre-conference workshops, and pertinent keynote addresses, and for the chance to network with your colleagues in international education.

Connect with CEA’s Brian Boubek, Lee Sutherlin, Dr. Jose B. Alvarez, and Laura Madden at the conference to find out more about our progress and new initiatives over the last year. To schedule a meeting with any of our attendees, click on his or her name below or stop by the CEA booth during the conference.

CEA Updates

  • Our Newest Programs

    • Tourism & Hospitality Management in Barcelona 
    • Entrepreneurship & Innovation in Barcelona 
    • Psychology in Rome, Barcelona and Dublin (coming soon)
    • Health Science & Society in Seville 
    • Now partnering with ESSCA, an AACSB-approved university, in Paris and Shanghai 

  • Internships Abroad

    • Now offering 12 locations for semester and summer, PT and FT options 
    • Our latest internship program destination: Buenos Aires  
    • New career fields added across internship program locations  
    • Capstone project option now available in full-time internship programs  

  • New Program Destinations

    • Bogotá, Colombia  
    • Amsterdam, Netherlands

  • Our Focus on the Non-traditional Student

    • Program development for Engineering students going strong in both semester and summer sessions
    • Greater attention to STEM students 
    • Commitment to developing first year experience opportunities in partnership with U.S. universities