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CEA's Virtual Internships Abroad

Build your global professional network while staying close to home. CEA's Virtual Internships Abroad will help you gain valuable résumé experience, increase your global awareness, and set you up for success in a world where working remotely is becoming the new norm. Check out the programs below to find the right one for you!

Virtual: Global Internship

Virtual: Global Internship

CEA Virtual Center

A virtual internship provides you with a unique opportunity to gain global professional experience, boost your career profile, build an international professional network and expand your skill set while staying local. Placements are available across many overseas locations and a variety of career fields. Our strong academic focus and personalized placements are dedicated to meaningful experiences that make a real impact, allowing you to give your career a boost while gaining the global experience you’ve been seeking at an affordable price.

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  • Starting at $1,995